A Handmade Holiday Gift List

In my mind there is nothing more meaningful than a handmade gift. You are not just giving a gift, you are giving your time and talent. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite tutorials and patterns to make items we think would be perfect gifts. And we divided it by recipient. Dive in, there is plenty of time to make gifts for all the important people in your life.

For Her:

Flying Pig Mittens Flying Pig Mittens
IMG_7459 Spring Scarf
Sweetheart Mittens Sweetheart Mittens
Iron Craft Challenge #52 - Icicle Bracelet Icicle Bracelet
Ruched Stripes Shirt
Bag of the Month - Penelope Bag Penelope Bag
IMG_7423 Beaded Kilt Pin
Mixed Media Bracelet Mixed Media Bracelet
Nautical Hobo Bag Nautical Hobo Bag
Marimekko Inspired Sneakers Marimekko Inspired Sneakers
Knit Evening Bag Knit Evening Bag
Iron Craft Challenge #18 - Appliquéed Cardigan Appliquéd Cardigan
Go Team Mittens Go Team Mittens
Mary Jane Slippers Knit Mary Jane Slippers
Those Zig-Zag Mittens Those Zig-Zag Mittens
Iron Craft Challenge #39 - Pillowcase TotePillowcase Tote Bag
Button Bracelet Button Bracelet
Fancy Dish Gloves
Iron Craft Challenge #26 - Beaded Friendship BraceletsBeaded Friendship Bracelets
Iron Craft Challenge #23 - Map Necklace Map Necklace
Iron Craft Challenge #10 - Wristband Pincushion Wristband Pin Cushion
Bride's bangle bagBangle Bag

For Him:

Goldie Gopher Mittens Goldy Gopher Mittens
Men's Go Team Mittens Go Team Mittens

For Anyone:

Yarn Sack Yarn Sack
Back Seat Tote Back Seat Tote
IMG_0491 Felt Laptop Sleeve
Easy eReader Sleeves Easy EReader Sleeves
By the old surf mobile Apres Surf Poncho
Reversible Fleece Mittens Reversible Fleece Mittens
Pocket Washcloths
Iron Craft Challenge #5 - Flower Pot Pincushion Flower Pot Pincushions
Luggage Tags
Vinyl-Coated Zipper Pouch Vinyl-Coated Zipper Pouch
Leave the Sand at the Beach Bag Leave the Sand at the Beach Bag
Pyramid Bag
Iron Craft Challenge #14 - Armrest Project Bag Armrest Project Bag
Initial aprons Appliquéd Aprons
Iron Craft Challenge #20 - Skyline TeeSkyline Tee
Iron Craft Challenge #4 - Cheery Bunting Coffee SleeveBunting Coffee Sleeve
8 - Hot Geek Coffee Sleeve Hot Geek Coffee Sleeve
erich's arms Knit Armwarmers

For the Young or Young At Heart:

Hooded Shark Towel
Kid’s Hoodie Bath Towel
Lego Soap Lego Soaps
Bunny Hat
Iron Craft Challenge #7 - If I were a pig...Knit Flying Pig
#195 - The minions are always mixing something up in the lab Knit Minion
Pocket-Sized Robot Knit Pocket-Sized Robot
Golden Snitch Knit Golden Snitch
#60 - Grumpasaurus Knit Grumpasaurus

For the Home:

casserole Casserole Cozy
Iron Craft Challenge 1 - Paper Cut Map Paper Cut Map
Knit Saguaro Cactus
Knit Cactus
City Lights Lampshade City Lights Lampshade
By-Your-Side Portable Ironing Board By-Your-Side Ironing Board
Iron Craft Challenge #9 - Shoebox Ribbon Organizer/Dispenser Shoebox Ribbon Organizer
Knit Stripes Pillow Knit Stripes Pillow
Iron Craft Challenge #14 - Denim Flower Art Denim Flower Art
Iron Craft Challenge #17 - Hardware Coasters Hardware Store Coasters
Iron Craft Challenge #21 - Scandinavian Leaf PillowScandinavian Leaf Pillow
Iron Craft Challenge #8 - Minneapolis Skyline Pillow Skyline Pillow
Mushrom & Gnome Draft Dodger Gnome and Mushroom Draft Dodger
Iron Craft Challenge #1 - Iced WIllow Branch Candleholder Iced Willow Branch Candleholder
Iron Craft Challenge #32 - Ferris Wheel EmbroideryFerris Wheel Embroidery
Iron Craft Challenge #13 - Antler Wall PlaqueWhite Antler Wall Plaque

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