Mitten Garland Advent Calendar Pattern Index

Now that our Mitten Garland Advent Calendar Knit Along is over, here are links to each week’s pattern in one place. Just a little something to make it easier for those of you just starting.

(6/7/17 If you wish to have these in one pdf/ebook and in your Ravelry library, you can purchase it on Ravelry for $5USD. The version on there has been slightly updated since these were originally released in 2015 and includes a blank chart to design your own mitten.)
Mitten Garland Advent Calendar - Mitten 24
Mitten Advent Calendar Pattern
Advent Calendar Mitten 1 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 2 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 3 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 4 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 5 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 6 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 7 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 8 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 9 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 10 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 11 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 12 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 13 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 14 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 15 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 16 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 17 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 18 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 19 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 20 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 21 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 22 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 23 Chart
Advent Calendar Mitten 24 Chart

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39 Comments to Mitten Garland Advent Calendar Pattern Index
    • SheilaC
    • Thank you so much for sharing these patterns! I am new to knitting and these little mittens are perfect for me to practice some skills. Very cute!

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    • DuAnne Sonneville
    • Thought this pattern was so adorable that I bought the yarn, printed off the pattern and was ready to go, only to find that the first 12 rows of each pattern is missing. I don’t have the section with the numbers and the matching pattern in the cuff area.

      • Kat
      • Hmmm, I’ve just gone in and double checked a few of the charts and they are whole. Have you downloaded the charts or just done screen prints? Screen prints will not give you the whole chart, you actually need to download the pdf and print the pdf. When I click on the charts from the posts, I only see row 14 and up on the screen because the screen is not big enough to show the whole chart, I have to scroll down to see the other rows. So if I did a print of the screen I would only get those top rows.

    • Roz Walters
    • Many thanks for the patterns, they are gorgeous. Probably a tad late for me to start this year, but…………….. watch out 2017.

      One quick question, would it be ok for me to make them to donate to my local animal rescue for them to sell?


    • NameDonna
    • My daughter-in-law found this and sent me the link. She would like to use this as an Advent Calendar for my two grandsons. I love this. Thank you so much for sharing. I may not be able to get them done for this year…but what a wonderful winter project to have ready for 2017! Again, thank you for sharing!!

      • Kat
      • Glad she found it. You are right, a little too late for last year. When I made it we started in June and did one mitten a week through November!

      • Kat
      • The very first pdf in the list is the “Mitten Advent Calendar Pattern.” It is the written pattern that you use with all the charts. It has all the directions for increases for the thumb, the Latvian braid, etc…

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    • Marie C Collins
    • Hi — these are lovely! What is the finished size in length and width? I can’t tell from the photos and don’t see it mentioned in the basic pattern. Thanks for sharing. I got here through Ravelry. Thanks!

      • Kat
      • If you knit them to gauge, each mitten is about 4.5” tall and 2.25” wide (not including thumb), just big enough for a small gift. Many people have knit them slightly bigger.

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