My Iron Craft ’13

I really loved Tawny Bee’s wrap up of her Iron Crafting in 2013, so of course I had to do my own.
Challenge 1Sweater Pillow  Challenge 2Orange Slice Cowl  Challenge 3Crocheted Flower Pillow Challenge 4Braided Brimmed Hat

Challenge 5Shaggy T-Shirt Pillow  Challenge 6Peep Bath Buddy  Challenge 7Breton Stripe Cap  Challenge 8Lego DJ T-Shirt

Challenge 9Button Embellished Sweater  Challenge 10Color Blocked Coasters  Challenge 12Crocheted Stone Tablecloth Weight  Challenge 13Little Us Pillow Dolls

Challenge 14Bulky French Knot Pillow  Challenge 15Bedside Lamp Redo  Challenge 17Resizing a Quilt  Challenge 18Spirit Fingers

Challenge 19Snake Candleholders  Challenge 20Ombré Handwarmers  Challenge 21Traveling Tea and Honey Set Challenge 22Lit Frosted Ball Wreath

Challenge 23Button Pillow  Challenge 24Paper Snowflake Trees  Challenge 25Potted Christmas Tree  Challenge 26Hanging Hearts Wreath

Some thoughts on the last year…
1. I did 24 of the 26 challenges, missing one while I was driving around Ireland and another in the middle of moving house. Not too bad though I wish I had done all 26.

2. I made a lot of throw pillows last year. How do I still need new ones for my new place?

3. My favorite project is the Little Me Pillow Dolls. They came out much better than I expected. It was closely followed by the Lit Frosted Ball Wreath which I almost gave up on.

4. The readers favorite project was the Shaggy T-Shirt Pillow, also closely followed but the Lit Ball Wreath.

5. For some unknown reason the Paper Snowflake Trees have been viewed almost 6,000 times on Flickr and made Explore. (Not bad for a picture Craftgawker turned down.)

6. I’m proud that I kept going during moving, selling a house (twice), breaking an ankle and family medical emergencies. Not all these projects are my best, but at least I tried to do something.

7. Finally, I’m proud of keeping this challenge going for three years now and heading into a fourth. I love all the amazing crafters it has introduced me to.


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