Iron Craft ’13 Challenge 18 – Spirit Fingers

For this Iron Craft challenge we had to make something that was shiny. Ok, I’ll admit, my project is a little silly, but I also can’t wait to wear them to watch a Michigan game. They’re just so silly they’re great.
Iron Craft '13 Challenge 18 - Spirit Fingers
Spirit fingers! Gloves with pom-poms on the end of the fingers. I’ve been a little obsessed with the silliness of them since I saw a version on The M Den. The pom-pons on their’s are really big, I went with a much smaller (easier to hold your beer) pom-pom.
Iron Craft '13 Challenge 18 - Spirit Fingers
I mixed metallic embroider floss with the yarn to give some shine to the pom-poms, because if you are going to have spirit fingers, you want them to be fancy spirit fingers.

These were super cheap to make too. I found the gloves at Joann for $1.00 and they had lots of colors. (I’ve seen them this cheap at places like Target too.) The yarn was scrap that I had on hand. The metallic floss costs about $1.50 a skein.

Spirit Fingers


  • gloves
  • yarn (I used worsted weight, but you can use whatever you have. A thinner yarn may require more wraps for the pom-poms and a thicker may require less.
  • metallic embroidery floss (If you just do four small pom-poms you can probably get away with one skein of floss.)
  • matching thread


  • fork
  • scissors
  • hand sewing needle

1. Holding the floss and yarn together use the fork method (or any method you prefer) to make eight pom-poms.
Iron Craft '13 Challenge 18 - Spirit Fingers Iron Craft '13 Challenge 18 - Spirit Fingers
I did two different color pom-poms, maize with blue metallic and blue with maize metallic. I used a regular dinner fork and wrapped the yarn sixteen times around. I then trimmed them to shape. Make sure to tie the center of the pom-poms really tight.

2. Sew a pom-pom to the end of each finger of the gloves. I chose to skip the thumbs.
Iron Craft '13 Challenge 18 - Spirit Fingers
Sew through the center of the pom-pom and attach at the end of the finger towards the backside of the hand. Sew through the pom-pom and finger a couple times to make sure it is secure.

Now go root for your favorite team in style.
Iron Craft '13 Challenge 18 - Spirit Fingers
Come on, you know you secretly want a pair now too.

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