32 Mitten and Wristwarmer Patterns to Knit

January is National Knit Mitten Month. We are celebrating with a Winter Snows Mystery Knit Along that started on Monday. If knit alongs aren’t your thing, we have 32 free patterns for mittens and wristwarmers you can whip up this month.
Row 1: 1. Hjärtan och Blommor Mittens 2. Hearts and Dalas Mittens 3. Dalek Mittens 4. Lights on Broadway Mittens (in two sizes)

Row 2: 1. Black & White & Red All Over Mittens 2. Austria Mittens 3. Mommy and Me Frozen Mittens (adult and child sizes) 4. Orla Mittens

Row 3: 1. Winchester Plaid, Anti-Possession Mittens 2. Falling Leave Mittens 3. Dog Days Mittens 4. Sunset Stripes Mittens

Row 4: 1. Delft Mittens 2. May Flowers Mittens 3. April Showers Mittens 4. Newgrange Mittens

Row 5: 1. February Mittens 2. January Mittens 3. Elle’s Corgi Mittens (available in lots of other breeds too) 4. Winter Skies Mittens

Row 6: 1. Art Deco Mittens 2. Men’s Go Team Mittens 3. Retro Goldy Gopher Mittens 4. Those Zig-Zag Mittens

Row 7: 1. Flying Pig Mittens 2. Sweetheart Mittens 3. Women’s Go Team Mittens 4. Mad Cat Wristwarmers

Row 8: 1. Conversation Heart Wristwarmers 2. Breton Wristwarmers 3. Ombre Striped Wristwarmers 4. Cartridge Rib Wristwarmers

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