15 Free Patterns for National Knit Mitten Month

January is National Knit Mitten Month which makes it the perfect time to cast on one of our free patterns!
1. Those Zig-Zag Mittens 2. Flying Pig Mittens 3. Men’s Go Team Mittens 4. Art Deco Mittens
5. Retro Goldy Gopher Mittens 6. Winter Skies Mittens 7. Sweetheart Mittens 8. Elle’s Corgi Mittens*
9. Mini Mitten Ornaments 10. Women’s Go Team Mittens 11. Conversation Heart Fingerless Mitts
12. Dar’s Mad Cat Fingerless Mitts 13.Ombré Fingerless Mitts 14. Cartridge Rib Fingerless Mitts 15. Breton Stripe Fingerless Mitts

*We also have charts to change Elle’s Corgi Mittens into dachshund, labrador, pug, beagle, or yorkshire terrier mittens.

Want to design your own mittens or fingerless mitts? We have tips on designing your own colorwork mittens and making easy custom fit fingerless mitts. I’m currently working on a new pair inspired by Big Bang Theory.


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2 Comments to 15 Free Patterns for National Knit Mitten Month
    • Melissa White
    • I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found your posts! What a gift! What you are sharing is priceless. I am not sure how long I will have to knit to have your profound knowledge of knitting. Your dedication is humbling. The goals you set for yourself… a mitten design per month…what you accomplish is inspiring. Hats off to your passion.

      • Kat
      • Oh & this was three years ago, there are a lot more mitten patterns here now. It was quite a challenge doing a pair a month that year!

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