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  • Project: Rock Climbing Party Invitations

    My daughter spends a LOT of time thinking up what she would like to do for her birthday. Really a lot of time. Because her birthday is right after the holidays, we can’t afford to “wing it... Feb 09, 2016 - No Comments

  • Project: American Girl Doll Mermaid Tail Snugglie

    My daughter got an American Girl Doll (equivalent) for her birthday. She is LOVING it. One of the most popular things in our house (and, on the blog) is her mermaid tail snugglie. So I thought I shou... Jan 26, 2016 - No Comments

  • Project: Felt Stocking Ornament

    Ahhh the stores at Christmas time are lovely. All of the interesting little decorations and baubles are so fun to see. I found a felt stocking at Crate and Barrel that I fell in love it, and  bought... Dec 23, 2015 - No Comments

  • Teaching Kids to Sew

    I have an AMAZING job. I teach sewing as an elective at the middle school. The kids in class are 10 – 13 years old. I have refined my teaching style and my delivery to match my audience. While m... Dec 15, 2015 - 1 Comment

  • Project: Dog Collar Bandana

    Here is a great sewing project for you or a gift to the dog lovers in your life. It’s quick, easy, neat, washable, and uses scrap fabric! How great is that? Here is a bandana for your dog, but ... Dec 10, 2015 - No Comments

  • Project: Little Needle Book

    Long (long long) ago I was given a Christmas gift by a child. This family always gave homemade gifts and they were personal and sweet. It was a little needle book. I have had it all this time, and it... Nov 04, 2015 - No Comments

  • Project: Fall Leaf Votive Mason Jar

    This post is part of a series of six “Crafty Kids” classes that I am teaching after school at the elementary school. I have projects that can be done in one hour by 1st-4th graders (5 R... Nov 03, 2015 - No Comments

  • Project: Tricked-Out Tote Bag

    This summer I was invited on a trip to Chicago with all of the women in my family. It was a wonderful way to reconnect with my cousins from around the country. Part of our invitation for this trip was... Oct 20, 2015 - 1 Comment

  • Project: Halloween Bunting

    I am ready for some Halloween Crafting. I found this GREAT Halloween fabric to use over the summer and I was bound and determined not to just let this transition from “inspiration” to ... Oct 15, 2015 - 1 Comment

  • Perspective in Creation

    I am working on some fairy wings for Halloween. I would love to make a sturdy, large, light, etherial pair of wings. I have these exact specs in my mind’s eye. “They have to look exactly T... Oct 08, 2015 - No Comments