Project: Fall Leaf Votive Mason Jar

This post is part of a series of six “Crafty Kids” classes that I am teaching after school at the elementary school. I have projects that can be done in one hour by 1st-4th graders (5 – 9 years old). For this class, we did Fall Leaf Mason Jars.

Fall Leaf Mason Jar


  • mason jar (Plastic or glass will work. With the number and ages of my kids, I used heavy plastic. I was glad when one hit the floor in class.)
  • votive candles (electric candles with plastic mason jars)
  • fall leaves
  • raffia “strings”
  • Mod Podge
  • sponge brushes
  • rubber bands


Here are the leaves and the candles that we used. The leaves are fabric with printing on them and texture stamped into them. They did not fray or lose color. They also did not lose their texture. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I tried to wet them and iron them first just to see if I could get them to “relax” a little bit and make them adhere to the jar a little bit better. I had no luck. These little beauties are, in fact, industrial strength.

Using the foam brushes, apply mod podge to the surface of the jar. It is easier to do this with your hand IN the jar to hold it.

Quickly, carefully put the leaves on the Mod Podge surface. Take the rubber bands and put them on all around to hold the leaves down. (This is best done with a friend. One hand in the jar, one hand holding the leaves in place so that they don’t peel back or flop away, then a friend using two hands to open up the rubber band and get it around and on the jar without scraping the leaves off in the process.)

Apply a “top coat” of Mod Podge to the leaves to help glue them down.
Here, we are in THICK, even dripping, Mod Podge mess territory. Fear not, it dries clear and shiny

Here is our mason jar, dried and glowing.
To finish it off, remove the rubber bands. Take the raffia and tie a bow (or just a knot) around the neck of the jar. For night time, insert (drop) the candle into the bottom. I have to say, they really have quite a charm to them.
Have fun! Happy Fall.

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