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  • Challenge # 3: Party Store

    This week we had to create an outfit that was made from things we found at the party store. My challenge was to not make an ice capades costume. This was a TOUGH one. I had a hard time in the work... Aug 18, 2010 - No Comments

  • Challenge # 3: Party Store

    There have been “unusual materials” challenges in past seasons. The “news paper” challenge among them. For our challenge this week, we had 30 minutes in a party store. The c... Aug 15, 2010 - No Comments

  • The first quilt is done!

    The quilt is done. Astounding. I did not want to take on a new sport, and put it down in the ‘stash’ pile. Mission Accomplished. I would change a few things. I will do a few things differentl... Aug 14, 2010 - No Comments

  • quilting progress

    There has been quilting progress. The top was finished. I made a ‘quilt sandwich’, as per the directions. I pinned. I quilted. The inspiration for the flower pattern came from these. ... Aug 06, 2010 - No Comments

  • Week 1: and Sew it Begins

    This week’s challenge was to make an outfit inspired by the clothes they were wearing. Wouldn’t you know, my Barbie came in a bikini with boy/board shorts. ! There was a WHOLE lot of learning... Aug 04, 2010 - No Comments

  • Project: project runway

    Kat and I have set out to play a little game. We are skipping the audition phase, and going right to prime time. Cut to the WORK ROOM. Project Project Runway. We will follow along at home and do ... Jul 30, 2010 - No Comments

  • progress post – a quilt is born

    Inspired by the Chirp Chirp quilt, I set out to make something that was a little bit more contemporary. And I stridently avoided the math and worrisome perfection of sewing multiple identical squares... Jul 23, 2010 - No Comments

  • The unlikely quilter

    My motto in life is “if you can’t eat it or wear it, don’t waste your time with it” so quilting and cross stitch have both been held at arms length. Until now. I was inspired w... Jul 22, 2010 - No Comments

  • Cast On

    Gedifra 1117 Women’s Jacket: fantasy lace (Is that translated from another language? Could we name it something more beautiful? “Ribs and shells” or “kelp forest” or some... Jun 21, 2010 - 1 Comment

  • Toast onsie

    Toast onsie Originally uploaded by craft room One of our little friends LOVES toast. So for the holiday, I made him this Toast onsie. Witness – a craft was done! If you are not reading this ... Jan 15, 2010 - No Comments