A Year Ago: Project Runway

It was a year ago that I made my video. (June 16) and sent it off. The bravery that took and the feeling of exhilaration has not dulled, I have to say. In hindsight, it is easy to say, “Well of course you got in,” but at the time that was not really a foregone conclusion.
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I have seven new Facebook friends I met that week.
Johnny Lavoy and Scotty too. Plus, I still carry the lessons from the experience.

Good lessons, hard earned lessons. The bravery of submitting a video. The act of waiting without knowing how things were going to play out. I was reminded of the energy and courage that it takes to handle a big city alone. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE New York. But if you just keep in mind that I was signed up to be on a reality show the following day you can understand it made the day harder. Lesson 2 came in the form of body image boot camp. I was going to go be ALL I COULD BE the next day, and I was going to do it the exact size and shape I was. That is humbling. And it is a lesson that I should revisit.

You can read about my experience, the first day of filming, runway day, and the judging here.
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To all of you that played along with us for all those seasons of Project Project Runway, thank you. And to Kathy, my partner, in this blog who thought that this would be a good idea – there is not a bucket big enough to hold the thanks. You are a clever creative girl, and I am lucky to have you in my life and lucky to work with you!
Season 13 is slated to start in July! Wow. Designer Ken Lawrence is one of the candidates that was put forward for Runway Redemption. He could actually come back! What do you think of THAT?!

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