Project Project Runway Season 13 Finale – Kat’s Design

This is it the end of season 13 and I can’t say I’m sorry it is over. I think the same thing happens every season, I’m very enthusiastic at first, but by the end I am done. The uninspired challenges at the end of this season didn’t help. Anyway, before I show you my final look, here is a look at what I did this season. I am proud of quite a few of these looks especially my separates.
Project Project Runway Season 13 Katology
Now for the finale. I decided to just do my gown (instead of a small collection) and in the style of so many collections I did a bridal look. Out inspiration was to come from ancient Rome. I took mine from Roman Columns with their straight lines, but also the fact so many are in ruins.
Project Project Runway Finale - Kat's Design
The shape of my gown is a classic sheath, but I made my own textile using strips of fabric. This the the long straight lines of the columns. At the bottom, the strips are apart which is my idea of the ruins. For just a touch of sparkle, one strip is glittered silver.
Project Project Runway Finale - Kat's Design
The top of the dress is strapless. It is shaped so that it is slightly higher in the front and stand up a bit from the chest.

Ok, you guys, I have to admit I didn’t think about how much this was like the ribbon dresses Susi made this season until after it was done. I guess she was my inspiration, but I feel like a big copy cat. But time was up and I had to send something down the runway, so away it went.

Thanks for following along this season!

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4 Comments to Project Project Runway Season 13 Finale – Kat’s Design
    • DrRuss
    • Oh no. I am so sorry that you didn’t get the satisfaction out of the season you were hoping for. I like this look and the fact that you made your own textile. I would have loved for the glimmer to have been on both sides for that slimming effect. I have two favorite looks of yours. First is the pink “jewel” dress and my second was the blue/white seersucker looking dress. Congratulations on another great season.

      • Kat
      • Thank you! I don’t know how you keep up your envelope project without burning out, when here I am after just 13 weeks. I almost did add another strip of the glitter, but was afraid of over doing it and not being able to go back. I love that little blue and white suit too.

    • Ros
    • My favourite look of yours is from my favourite challenge and the real highlight of the whole season of PPR – the Ken suit look! That was just so much fun to share with you all and I am in awe of the dress you managed to create out of that suit. So stylish and so sophisticated. It really was an impressive piece of work. You do have a very clear voice and I always know your looks immediately! That’s a good thing. I think your separates are very strong, but your dresses are also sleek and elegant, and a lot of women would want to wear them.

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