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  • Project: Dalek Mittens

    Ok, I am addicted to Doctor Who, so when the last Iron Craft challenge directed us to make something starting with the letter “D” I decided to design Dalek mittens. You can see the daleks... Apr 16, 2015 - 1 Comment

  • Iron Craft ’15 Challenge #7 Round Up

    This week we asked the Iron Crafters to make something that had to so with the letter “D”. I have to say I really love the results of this one! Now when we get to “E” that migh... Apr 15, 2015 - No Comments

  • Iron Craft ’15 Challenge #8 – Home

    Both Susi and I seem to be having a lot going on in our homes these days and not necessarily fun things, electrical, plumbing and such. I don’t know about you, but I always find that spring make... Apr 15, 2015 - 4 Comments

  • Iron Craft ’15 Challenge #7 – Dalek Mittens

    For this challenge, we were to craft around the letter “D.” I went through lists of things starting with “D” in my head trying to come up with an idea. I was a little stumped a... Apr 14, 2015 - 5 Comments

  • Project: Lights on Broadway Mittens

    One of my biggest crafting supporters is Russ from NY Star Cards. He has been part of Iron Craft from the beginning and always cheers everyone along. He has been a fan of my mittens designs and I deci... Apr 07, 2015 - 9 Comments

  • Project 365 – March 2014

    Ok, no skipped days this month! As usual, the month was full of crafts and food, but there was also a trip to the Faribault Woolen Mill, fun cocktails, the first ice cream cone of the year and the fi... Apr 06, 2015 - No Comments

  • State Fair Mittens ’15 – Planning

    The Minnesota State Fair is only four and a half months away, time for me to start designing my mittens for this year’s entry. As some of you may know, in 2012 I took second place, but have not ... Apr 02, 2015 - 5 Comments

  • Iron Craft ’15 Challenge #6 Round Up

    This time around we asked the Iron Crafters to make a project that was a treat just for themselves. Nothing like a little selfish crafting from time to time. Click on the name above any picture to rea... Apr 01, 2015 - No Comments

  • Iron Craft ’15 Challenge #7 – “D” is for

    Last year we did challenge around the letters “A”, “B” and “C”. Let’s continue making our way through the alphabet with the letter “D”. Make a pro... Apr 01, 2015 - No Comments

  • Iron Craft ’15 Challenge #6 – Cashmere Slipper Socks

    For this Iron Craft challenge, we were told to take a lesson from Donna and Tom on Parks and Rec and “treat yo self.” This was the challenge to make something special just for me. I was go... Mar 31, 2015 - 7 Comments