Project: Cutwork Scarf

In the land of very fast projects I offer the Cutwork Scarf

Cutwork scarf


Approximately 1/3 of a yard of appropriate fabric.
When you are at the cutting table, see how straight the cutting was done by the last person, and how straight it is going to be for your cut. For instance, if the cut is crooked on the circle fabric (shown below) , you could loose 1-2 rows of circles to just “even it out”. Have a look, and if they are not willing to straighten before they cut, you will need to allow for the trimming and evening out in your purchase.


Cut the “long” edges of the fabric following the pattern.

The appropriate fabric for this scarf would be lace or a “burn out” type fabric. When I say lace, it could be floral or even geometric, not just traditional white bridal-type lace.

(I got all of our fabric from Jo Ann’s.)

Black circle lace

Gypsyland Collection Circles Lace Black Cotton Nylon Fabric

To make this style of scarf, all you have to do is make a decision about how you are going to cut the edges. With the black circle fabric above, it is pretty straight forward, but here with this stunning cornflower blue flowers option, it is a little bit more “up to your discretion.
One of my girls in the stitch lab did this, and I love the whimsical edges.

Once Mother’s Day is passed I will share all of the scarves and the seamstresses who made them. They are all heartwarming.

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