Project Project Runway Challenge #12 – Who’s In & Who’s Out

Welcome to season 13 of Project Runway and a new season of Project Project Runway! If you want to join in the fun this season get all the details here. Let’s jump right in…

Challenge – Who’s In & Who’s Out
Create a look that is street chic. Something that can be worn everyday of the week, but is fashionable and progressive. (On the show they also had to create a second look by redoing a losing look. If you feel like doing a second look this week, redo one of your own past looks from this season, maybe one you didn’t feel was strong.)
Time Limit – 24 hours

Budget –  $20

Accessories – Choose your accessories from the Aldo Accessory Wall.

Runway Day – Runway day is Thursday, October 16th.
Just a reminder, only in-progress photos should be posted to the Flickr group before Runway Day. Save the big reveal for next Thursday. Please tag your photos with PPR13 and ProjectProjectRunway.

Ok, let’s talk about this episode. Warning spoilers ahead….

Kathy’s take:
I’m not going to waste much time on the Korina tantrum. It was silly, she looked silly. And the show was obviously prepared for it.

Amanda’s maxi-dress looked well made but I am not a fan of the shape, it looked like a caftan. It was like she was skinny and flat chested on top and huge on the bottom. The “v” at the chest makes it look like her boobs are sagging. This is just not a style I personally get. Her remake was awful and trashy. You always knew she was heading to fashion week, because they really played her redemption story.
Emily’s street wear really has a pj and robe look when together. Thing is I can really see people wearing it because it looks comfortable, I’d totally wear the top underneath. The remake was boring. I’m actually surprised she lasted as long as she did.

Sean’s white outfit looked perfect for a resort, not sure about the street. I think perhaps I would have liked it better in black or grey, though maybe then it wouldn’t have been a crisp. I think it must have looked really great in person based on the judges reactions. He got stuck with the worst look to remake, but a pink shorts suit with pink fringe?! Um, no. I don’t have feelings either way about him going to Fashion Week.

I hated Char’s street wear, the skirt was fussy and overdone and the top struck me as an “easy, I ran out of time or ideas” piece. The remake was just a little black dress with the old fabric around the waist and not even neat looking. I feel like the judges were working really hard to make keeping Char make sense. I’m pegging her as a producers’ save.

Kini’s skirt/blouse and jacket didn’t seem to go together at all. Did the coat even fit over the skirt? They both look like nice pieces, but from different outfits. The red dress remake was gorgeous. It’s been obvious that he was going to the finals for awhile.

Susi’s Take
What I thought was interesting was the conversation around the table in the designers’ lounge after Korina was gone. They all agreed there was a lightness in the air. What a very damning statement. We saw that she was a bad sport, but in real life she was just ugly 24/7 and everyone felt it. Shar said “It would be hard to have a heart that hard.” Holy smokes! Her behavior for the helper part was past childish. I expect better sportsmanship from children. I can only hope that when she watches the show, she is able to reflect and learn.
Amanda sent another cut/quilt pieced dress down the isle. It was interesting, but the proportions were so off. There needed to be a tuck here and there to define the model’s shape. Her chest was gone completely.
Emily’s look was at least true to her voice. But that face fabric was just a little too nutty. I couldn’t help thinking it was like “I see a face in that giraffe”.
Sean’s white dress was a vision. When it didn’t fit the model I was worried. He said “I’ll just add a panel” and I thought “it’s all over”. But what ever he added didn’t hurt the look at ALL. It looked so crisp and “summer”. I cheered.
Shar’s looks were just not great. I was glad to see she made all the petals, because I thought that was new for her. But the whole look was tortured and overworked.
Kini got “I am going to work with denim” stuck in his teeth. Waxed denim no less. I did not respond like Heidi. It needs to be said that the skirt got worked over one too many times because of Tim’s critique, and I am surprised they did not add that into the edit, because I am sure someone said something about it. The long red dress was stunning. It was completely wonderful. What a killer red carpet look.
Here we go! we are off to fashion week.

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