Announcing Iron Craft 2013!

Thanks to everyone who responded to our Iron Craft polls. It looks like there is enough interest, so we are please to announce Iron Craft 2013.
Here’s how Iron Craft works…

  • Every other Wednesday we will present a crafting challenge. The challenge may be based on a theme, a crafting material or a technique.
  • All projects for each challenge should be done in the two weeks after the challenge is presented.
  • Every other Tuesday everyone shows off their projects in our Flickr group and on their blogs (if they have one). We do ask that everyone wait until reveal day to show their projects but in progress photos are allowed before that.
  • You are not required to do every challenge (we realize you have a life), but we ask you do try to do as many as you can.

It is a great way to stay inspired and motivated to keep crafting throughout the year. Some challenges will be easy and others will make you stretch your crafty chops, they are challenges after all!

Iron Craft 2013 will start on Wednesday, January 2rd. Want to play along?

  • Email us at
  • If you have a blog you will be writing about your projects on, give us the url to include in the blogroll.
  • Let us know if you are interested in hosting a challenge (You get to decide on the challenge and present it to the other Iron Crafters)
  • Join our Flickr group
  • Grab one of our buttons for your blog if you’d like
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15 Comments to Announcing Iron Craft 2013!
    • Ros
    • I am totally in. I doubt I’ll be blogging about it because I already blog about too many other things. Happy to ‘host’ a challenge, though.

    • Jenny
    • I’m in! Although I probably won’t start until April or so. I’m also thinking of a blog update so I’ll let you know if the url changes. I would be interested in hosting a challenge at some point but want to wait until post-baby to commit 🙂

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    • Missy
    • Oh goodness. This is so tempting. When I saw we are not required to complete every challenge, I decided to go ahead and join. I will do what I can and am looking forward to it!

    • CynD
    • I am IN.. another reason for me to learn how to get photos off the camera and on to the computer.. I MUST LEARN THIS!! I have only been on line with stuff since 1995 or so.. the Hubbs is a computer geek… enough to be employed by it, as an internet architect.. I guess that is good enough. I don’t have to learn I just ask him.. Time for me to step up and learn! I am so in!
      Getting Kiddo #2 back to university the 2nd but I will check and get after it!

    • Lauren
    • I’m in. I did it the first year but was absent last year. So I am back now and ready to tackle cleaning up my craft room! 🙂 yay!

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