PPR Challenge #8 – Kat’s Design

Challenge: What Women Want
Challenge: With the help of your significant other or a friend, create a design for a “real” woman, yourself
Time Limit: You have 12 hours to complete this challenge
PPR Challenge 8 - What Women Want
I have to say my significant other is suffering from a cold and I’ve had a three day sinus headache, neither of which makes for great designing. I think this shows in my results this week.

Here’s what I got from Matt when I told him he had to help design and outfit for me. He said it had to be a dress and it had to be red. He thought it should be dressy, but not a gown. He also said that that it should be on the simpler rather than ornate side, but be a statement dress. Hmmm…so that left me with sewing a simple red dress that still made a statement.

Then I thought about what I like. I like a dress with a some structure and a definite waist. As I lean towards the pear shape, it had to have a skirt shape that was a little forgiving. I also knew I wanted sleeves since I live in Minnesota and sleeveless dresses often get covered with a cardigan.
PPR Challenge 8 - What Women Want
I struggled a bit with my design as I couldn’t get the top to fit exactly like I wanted. The dress is basically a faux wrap, that wraps in the front and back. The skirt is slightly gathered at the waist. It is set off by a bold black and sliver sash. I’m afraid it is a bit boring, though it would probably be a dress I would pick for myself. I tried to liven it up with styling by picking a bold necklace and shoe.

I think I could easily be in the bottom three this week just because the dress does look like something you could get at any store. My hope is that the judges don’t find it offensive enough to send me home this week!

The accessories are from the Piperline accessory wall.

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4 Comments to PPR Challenge #8 – Kat’s Design
    • Pinkzilla
    • Sounds like you got a lot of input from your fella 🙂 I had Mr. Zilla pick out the fabric, but when I asked him about a style or even dress/pants/skirt he looked panicked and said in a loud and flustered tone “I DON’T KNOW!” Hee hee 🙂 I like this dress, it is simple, but that red makes it pop and the sleeves are very practical for your climate. I think the way it wraps and the length of the sleeve keep it from being and off the rack find and if they didn’t send Bert home then there is no way that you are going 🙂

    • Tawny
    • I like how we all just kinda nodded at our husbands and then made something that we liked with a few of their “suggestions” (or grunts as the case may be). It turned out so lovely.

    • Lori
    • Very sporty Kat.

      I was just reading your comments above. I couldnt help but giggle to myself. My husband is totally worthless when it comes to quilt and or fabric appreciation or awareness.

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