Challenge 7- House of Cornish

This week was a big pot of soup of directions all stirred together.
I just sunk my teeth into “design your own fabric” and ran with it.

My pattern is inspired by water and swimming. I chose an aqua cotton, and did a print in a smokey grey. (I think I was having my own personal backlash to the all-black-and-white thing the designers did last week.)

The hemline is asymmetric (which surprises me, so I know I surprised the judges.)

The top is a little big “bubbled” as well, but still shows her waist off.

The back has some pleating details

The angle of the back pleats and the angle of the hemline both provide a contrast to the ‘water’ theme. The print is very ‘organic’ and not perfectly produced – to emulate water a little bit more.

Michael said that I had fit issues. (and I agree)

Nina would never wear that much color.

Heidi was bored, and said that I need to step it up a notch.

But I was praised for the back, and the contrast. So I am safe until next week.

See you on the runway.

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