product review

  • Cleaning Tools

    I have some new brushes in the house. I love them so much that I wanted to share them with you. I am really excited about them. (Is this super dorky? Maybe.) First is the Evriholder Cutlery Cleaner T...
    May 19, 2014 No Comments

  • Needle Sets

    Once you have learned to knit, and you know you love it, you should really consider a needle set. You will be buying a new needle or two for every project for the rest of your days knitting, and at $5...
    Mar 07, 2013 7 Comments

  • Further adventures of Window Markers

    We found Crayola window markers. And just to be thorough in our quest, we got those to add to our collection too. When we went to go play with them, I thought they would be just about the same as the...
    Mar 19, 2012 No Comments