Further adventures of Window Markers

We found Crayola window markers. And just to be thorough in our quest, we got those to add to our collection too.
When we went to go play with them, I thought they would be just about the same as the crayons, but there were some distinct differences.
First of all these markers look like your standard marker. (Will that cause confusion for her later, before she can read?  )
She actually could not get the caps off this set by herself.
So, for now, she needs more help with these. (I had to put my vodka gimlet down and go help her every time she wanted to use a different color. That will get old.)
The look and feel of the markers themselves is excellent. They go onto the window with amazing ease, and great coverage.

Her picture of Daddy. I am not making this up. She actually said “Look, I drew Daddy, with eyes, nose and a mouth.!”

The line is thick and smooth, and it does not shrink away. The actual process of drawing was very satisfying.

The markers go on wet. And then quickly dry. But. Oh, not that quickly.
I drew a fish, and she liked it. So she tapped her finger on it. Then she poked it and ran her finger along it… and tried to smear it.

By that time it was dry enough, and the lines stopped smearing.

But not before she had a very entertaining amount of green ink on her finger.

“Must wash hands…” I thought to myself. And we should have. But we got side tracked,  3 minutes later there was an emotional outburst that included some loud hot tears. I looked over, and the green marker was streaked all around her eye, and was running down the right side of her face. The look was bad 80’s eye shadow running down her tear stained face. Poor thing. I rushed to make sure the marker didn’t sting her eyes. Then I wanted to make sure this “sick color” didn’t stain her face. In the end, it was fine, and a cool wet wash cloth cured all that was ailing us.

The clean up process was easy, as you would expect. The markers do not rub off on your clothing if you brush past them (after they have dried). And they respond immediately to a little bit of window cleaner.

We put the crayons and the markers all into one bucket, and she reached right for a crayon. So that is her product choice. For me, for her age and skill level, I would slightly prefer the crayons. They are much harder to move, and thus, transfer. And, I think these markers will dry out if the caps are left off, and that is not a factor with the crayons. These are minor criticisms, but we are serious about our crafting in the Casa Cornish, so I want to give you all the information.

Both the crayons and the markers are not toddler specific. These would be so fun to decorate car windows with! Or use to celebrate someone’s birthday, even at work! I wanted to make sure that just because my testing conditions include a small subject, that we don’t limit the fun we could have with these.

PS. We did not get paid or receive any free product to write this. But, we would sure like to. So feel free to send us big packages of crafting supplies and projects to test out, and we will get right on it!

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