Iron Craft ’16 Challenge 25 – Ottoman Slipcover & Throw Pillow

This Iron Craft challenge was about using things you already had in your stash. This was good timing for me because I needed to sewing up some items for my sister reusing an old duvet cover and cushion cover. She wanted me to turn them into an ottoman slipcover and large throw pillow.

The throw pillow was easy, I just cut the appropriate sized pieces from the duvet cover to fit a large pillow insert I had bought awhile back. I made it even easier and used one of the seams from the duvet as a seam on the pillow, so I only had to sew three.
Iron Craft '16 Challenge 25 - Ottomna Slipcover and Throw Pillow.
The ottoman slipcover was a little trickier. She had given me the old slipcover to use as a guide and a cushion cover that was the exact size to fit the top of the ottoman. I while back, I had even bought the blue coordination fabric to go with it, but everything sat in my craft room.

First I used a seam ripper to remove the bottom of the cushion cover. This let me see what I had to work with. Then I cut lengths of the blue fabric for the skirt until I had enough to go around the whole cushion, plus 12 inches extra for each corner box pleat. I seamed those lengths together and hemmed them all to the right length plus the seam allowance to sew it on.
Iron Craft '16 Challenge 25 - Ottomna Slipcover and Throw Pillow.
(I don’t have and ottoman so show it to you on, so here is just a corner on my chaise to give you and idea of it.)

Sewing it on was a bit tricky as I had to make sure to get right up to the edge of the piping to make sure to catch it too. Luckily, I had the right foot for my sewing machine to do it! Also I’d never done box pleats before, but they were easier than I expected.

I think this project turned out pretty good and I’m happy with the way it reused the fabric my sister had.

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