Project: Quick Cactus

I had so much fun with my first fleece cactus that I went ahead and did another one.

Quick Cactus


  • Fleece (scraps, or 1/2 yd if you are buying new)
  • fiber fill
  • Thread
  • Paper for template
  • Optional: Pot for display (labeled S 4 , this pot is 14.25 inches around the top and stands 4″ tall.)


Cut out a strip that is 2″ wide by 18 inches long. At one end of the strip cut a slightly rounded point.

You will need 6 of these strips. Just to make it easy on yourself, fold the fabric in half so you can cut two at a time.

Line up the sides of the strips and sew two together using a small seam allowance. Here I tried to stay consistant at just under a 1/2 inch. Repeat this three times, so you have 3 pairs of strips sewn. (Note, the seam allowances are on the OUTSIDE of this project. They form the ridges of the cactus. ) Next you will combine the strips to form the tube. Carefully separate the layers you have sewn, and match them up with the “pair”  next to them. I started sewing from the “top” (the curved part) because it was more important that THAT line up, and not as important that the bottoms line up.
Here are all the uneven ends.
Repeat that process 3 times and you will have a tube, open at one end. Stuff the tube with fiber fill.
Then stick it into the pot. You are DONE.

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