Iron Cracft ‘ 15 Challenge #5 – Recycled Pillow

We finally got a new couch and chair. (We are so grown up now). We are both super happy with the style and the colors, but the size has taken a little bit of getting used to.
I learned I have an obsession about pillows. I have put that on hold until these new pieces came into our house. Now that they are here, I am unprepared for the choices I am faced with. Finally, I broke out of “pillow paralysis” and just MADE ONE. It is not fancy, or tricky, but it is a pillow. Both the insides and the outsides are recycled. The stuffing was in a different pillow before this and I just pulled it out. The fabric was gifted to me by a friend whose mother is an interior designer. Originally she gave me samples to make my Project Project Runway designs. After I started teaching, she gave me more fabric to take to school. I had the girls make pillows to learn how to put in zippers and the fabric was perfect for that!

Here I give you the “snap out of it!” pillow. I will not offer a tutorial on how to sew a square. You are welcome.

Have you ever gotten stuck before? Not by crafter’s block, but by paralysis? You had so many ideas that you could not settle down and just let a simple one happen?

Happy Crafting!


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