Project: Foil Friends

Here is a great project that you will BOTH enjoy doing. I offer Foil Friends.

  • sheets of tin foil
  • marker (such as Sharpie, to make the lines)
  • scissors

Tear off a sheet of foil. You don’t have to measure, but to give you an example, the roll is 12 inches across, and this sheet pictured came out 12 inches long.
Draw one line in the middle of the bottom, and two lines down from the top as shown. (no measuring required.) Each line is about 4 inches.
Cut along the lines ( you will be making three cuts.)
Here comes the fun part, you get to start creating. Where there is one cut will be the bottom and  will form the two legs. At the top, the two side cuts will be the arms, and in the middle will be the head. Press and gather slowly enough so that you do not rip the foil. From there, the whole thing is just creative. Pose your friend doing something you like to do. Or, embellish your friend with accessories and hair. The best part of this project is that everyone will be successful!
Jambi did hers in class and she chose to make an ice skater. (Hers is pictured at the top of the page.) So when I did mine, I made an ice skater too. I was making one in a group of adults, and my friend Pete and I got into a little friendly competition. I made ice skates out of paper clips, and he saw, so he made a mohawk out of foil. Then he looked at mine and he said “Really? YOU are not going to make her an outfit?!” So of course, I made a foil skating skirt. Then I added hair. And not to be out done, he added a paper lego in one hand, and a paper pizza in the other hand. At that point we were both laughing and we called “game over”.
We surprised the kids with our versions the next day. They were THRILLED.

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