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This post is for those of our readers who participate in our challenges, Iron Craft and Project Project Runway (hey, season 13 is coming…). As you know we use Flickr to host the groups for those challenges. It has been a free, easy way for everyone to share their projects and be able to comment about them with each other. Lately though, Flickr has been making a lot of changes that I want to discuss briefly here.
I’m sure none of you have failed to notice the big change to the layout of the Flickr site. One of the things that happened with that change was permissions to photos added to groups. In the past I was able to get the html for any photo added to the group, so I could easily add it to our challenge round ups.

With the changes, I suddenly can’t get the html or download many of your photos. This may be because your photo is marked as Private or Friends and Family only, if that is the case please change it to Public. You will see a little lock next to the date that allows you to do this. Or you may have the privacy setting in your account set so that no one can download your pictures. If you have a blog, I can work around this problem by downloading the photo from your site (though that is a little more work for me). If you don’t have a blog and the photo isn’t available to share on Flickr there is no way for me to add your photo to the round up. If you don’t want to make your photos public and available to share, but still want to be in the round up, the only other option is for you to email me the photo directly.

I know a few of you use the Flickr app on your phone. If you have upgraded to 3.0 you may have noticed the option to add photos to groups is gone! Crazy! Flickr has heard the complaints and as of yesterday has said they are working on it and it will be back.

I still think Flickr is the best option for us to be able to share and cheer each others projects on. We just have to get used to their changes from time to time. If you have any other questions about the new layout, leave a comment and I’ll try to help out.

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