IC ’14 Challenge #7 “On Trend” Pipe Cleaner Flowers

This challenge was “on trend” and the trend I chose was floral. We made a bouquet of pipe cleaner flowers.

Project Pipe Cleaner Flowers


  • Pipe cleaners
  • Kazoo vase (optional)

We made daisies and “cork screws” and rounded flowers and clovers

Mom made the daisies, rounded petal flowers and clovers.
Amelia had a great time practicing and had success with the cork screws.
The cork screws are made by tightly wrapping the wire around a pencil and the pulling it straight off.
The clovers are made by wrapping one leaf around a pencil, then positioning that leaf. Pinch that first leaf to hold it secure and wrap the second leaf. Repeat that process for a third leaf. (Why didn’t we try a 4 leaf clover? I’m not sure?)
The Daisies are made with just a pinching motion at the top of each petal.
She was so pleased with the results. She could arrange them in a bouquet. They tucked nicely down into a kazoo we had. Why not?
And Pascal, (the friendly chameleon from Tangled,) camouflaged himself. If you look closely you will be able to see him. He is very well hidden though.
We had so much fun with this. We both did some. She liked them all. This was cheap, easy, and made from things you probably have in the house. (It’s super clean, if you are looking for that.) This would be a GREAT project to put in a kit to take on an airplane.
Have fun!

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