Project: Shamrock Wall Hanging

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, so it’s time to add a little green to the decor. I have some Murphy in my background which might make it required.
Shamrock Wall Hanging
This project adds just a touch of St. Pat’s whimsey without being over the top  with leprechauns and pots of gold. You can really have fun with the shamrocks using different green and patterned fabrics. I love these scrappy projects that let you use up those odds and ends cluttering up the craft room. I used fabric because I have quite a stash of it, but you could also use pretty scrapbook papers if you have them on hand.

The background also doesn’t have to be burlap, I just happened to have a lot of it lying around. I do think a colored background looks nicer than white though. It warms up the project more than a white background would.

Shamrock Wall Hanging


  • fabric scraps in shades of green
  • burlap, enough to fill your three frames
  • three small frames (Mine held a 4″ x 4″ picture and I got them at Target 3 for $2.50, such a steal.)
  • 1 – 1 1/2″ green felt or ribbon


  • scissors
  • glue such as Elmer’s or school glue
  • small paintbrush (optional)
  • super glue

1. Draw or find a shamrock shape on the internet that is an appropriate size to fit in your frames. I used this shamrock from About. Mine were a little over 2″ tall and wide and I printed out three of them. Use the pattern to cut shamrocks from three different fabrics.
Shamrock Wall Hanging
I used a polka dot canvas, a textured green silk and some felt. On the canvas I used a little fray stop to keep the edges from fraying.

2. Remove the back from one of your frames. Cut a piece of burlap out that is slightly bigger than that back piece. Glue the burlap onto the frame back making sure the weave is straight. I used Elmer’s for this. Cut the excess burlap.
Shamrock Wall Hanging
Repeat for all three frames.

3. Glue a shamrock in the center on top of the burlap for each frame. Once again I just used Elmer’s. A small paintbrush is helpful getting the glue evenly on the back of the shamrocks and to the edges.
Shamrock Wall Hanging
With the silk I was afraid the glue would stain it or change the color, so I used some glue stick to adhere it to the paper pattern and glued the pattern to the burlap.

4. I used 1″ strips of the dark green felt to attach the frames together so they would hang as one piece. You can also use ribbon or fabric for this step.
Shamrock Wall Hanging
I centered a piece of the felt on the bottom of on frame and super glued it in place. I then super glued the same piece of felt to the center of the top of the next frame, leaving about a 1/2″ gap. Repeat to join the third frame.
I was a little afraid the felt would stretch with the weight of the frames so I glued paper to the back of the strips too. I would skip that step if I had used ribbon.

5. Put the shamrock inserts and glass back in the frames. Hang and enjoy.

How all I need is some corned beef and mashed potatoes!

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