Iron Craft ’14 Challenge #5 – A is for…

For this challenge we are starting at the beginning…the beginning of the alphabet that is. Create a project based on the letter A. This one is a little challenging, but once you start about it you’ll be surprised at the ideas.

You can use a technique that starts with A such as appliqué like Susi’s appliquéd aprons.
Initial aprons
Oh look, one even has an A on it!

You can refashion or sew a piece of attire for a real person or a doll like I did with this appliquéd cardigan. (Oh, another two A’s)
Iron Craft Challenge #18 - Appliquéed Cardigan

You can create an animal friend or make something with animals on it.
Lola Apron

You can use a craft supply that starts with an A like antlers.
Iron Craft Challenge #13 - Antler Wall Plaque

Create an advent calendar, work in acrylics, paint an abstract….Can’t wait to see what you guys dream up!

Reveal day is Tuesday, March 11th. Please only share in progress photos before that date. Tag photos with IC1405 and IronCraft.

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4 Comments to Iron Craft ’14 Challenge #5 – A is for…
    • DrRuss
    • Tricky, tricky. This one’s gonna take some thinking. Kinda glad that we are doing this every two weeks rather than the one week projects like old times (LOL). Gotta go and put my thinking hat on or maybe my dunce cap–we will see.

      • Kat
      • Oh good! I’m glad you find this one a little challenging. I felt like the last challenge was a cinch so we need to flex a little bit 😉

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