Iron Craft ’14 Challenge 4 – Valentine’s Box

If you have a kid, in elementary school, Valentines Day is a super big deal. Even if it is not your personal favorite holiday, you cannot let it slide by. Our assignment, (yes, an assignment) was to make a box for the class cards to go in AND to have the kid sign their name to twenty-three valentines.


The cards were nearly our undoing. We approached them in our card making fashion, but hot on the heels of Christmas AND Birthday Thank You notes, we were a little bit done with the concept of cards.
A sparkling jewel box was a whole different matter.
We made our box with a kit. Inside included loads of jewels, a legend that tells you which jewel is which number and the box.
In general, the process is to familiarize the workers with the chart and then begin sticking jewels on. This was really the perfect project for us right this minute. (My daughter is 5.2 years old.) In the past when we have attempted a jewel-by-number project, the allure of the sparkles takes over, we forgo any real pattern and just bedazzle to our heart’s desire. But here, we were methodical and laid the jewels just where the box designer had intended.
Some of them have started to let go, but not many, and they gave us enough to work with. So far we have been able to replace any that have fallen off.
I would recommend this kit to anyone in the market for kid projects.
We had fun and the box itself held up well.
Happy crafting!

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