Project: Sweater Mittens

It got cold enough to need mittens here in Northern California. Imagine THAT! And we did not have any. So in no time flat, I made some from a beautiful felted Merino wool sweater.
You can do these mittens too. In less than an hour.

Sweater Mittens


  • felted material (a sweater, or fleece…) The sweater I used was a felted merino wool sweater. I purchased it for pennies at a thrift store. It was already felted. (I am SO proud that I did not felt this sweater in a tragic accident.) The tag in the sweater reads XXL, so that is the section where it was hanging, but always have a look. It was never going to sell in off the rack because the sweater was actually super small.
  • thread
  • paper
  • pen
  • fabric scissors
  • sewing machine (or needle and thread)

Trace the model’s hand onto paper, and cut the paper out. (This step gets easier, the older the model gets.)
For my small model, I could cut the mitten out of the sleeve.
Sleeve with cut out
So I got the perfect amount of cuff on each mit.
Cut out the hand from the pattern you traced. Leave extra room, and a little for seam allowance. (tip: make the thumb stick out as far as possible. It will give you a smoother finish when you turn it inside out.)
Sew around the outside.
Turn the piece inside out
sewn mit
Press the mittens lightly to help smooth out the rounded corners.
finished sweater Mittens
Go ice skating and wear the mittens!


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