Heart Bookmark

I was inspired by a leather heart bookmark that I saw ages ago, and stored away in my elephant-like brain for the day I could try it. Today was the day.
Heart Bookmark

Heart Bookmark


  • paper
  • thread
  • small scrap of leather or red glitter naugahyde (6 x 10 will work)


  • marker
  • scissors
  • sewing machine


Fold the paper over the page about 4 inches
paper pattern: bookmark
Draw your heart.
Take the paper away from the book, and fold the part with the heart on it in half down the middle.
cutting paper: bookmark
This will allow you to cut both lobes of the heart at one time, and it will be symmetrical.

Unfold the heart, and open it up. This is the template for the bookmark.
template: bookmark
Lay the template down on the back side of the naugahyde. Trace around it with a pen.
tracing: bookmark
Then cut the shape out. (note that I left about 1/8 inch seam allowance along the bottom edge.)

Fold the heart in half, right sides facing OUT, and sew the open side shut. Be careful to line them up neatly. I did this without using any tissue paper, but if yours is sticky in your machine, feel free to slip in some tissue to sew it with and then tear it away.
finished heart bookmark
And Voila! you have a sweet heart bookmark.
Heart Bookmark
It is kind of a surprise, because it does not show very much from the outside when the book is closed.
Flat: heart bookmark

This was a super easy, super quick project. You could knock these out for gifts or for teachers.
Red glitter is appropriate for all occasions. (At least all the occasions that we celebrate in our house!)

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3 Comments to Heart Bookmark
    • Barb
    • I love this little bookmark project & I have just the right material for it & it’s even red. Nice little Valentine’s Day presents esp. when given with a book.
      I have plenty of things to keep me busy when I’m confined to the house due to this harsh weather.

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