Project Project Runway Challenge #11 – Next Generation

Welcome to season 12 of Project Runway and a new season of Project Project Runway! If you want to join in the fun this season get all the details here. Let’s jump right in…

Challenge – Next Generation
This is the make your own textile design challenge. Oh yeah, and use a “next generation innovator” as the muse for your fabric and design (though they are not your model or client). I was hoping Lifetime would link to all the innovators on their site, but they don’t. So, you can use one of the innovators from the show as your muse or you can pick your own. It can be anyone from a chef to someone creating a new technology to someone running a charity.
Use whatever you want to create your own patterned fabric, paint, markers, dye, or even run it through your printer.

Budget – $10

Time Limit – 12 hours

Accessories – Choose your other accessories from the Belk accessory wall.

Runway Day – Runway day is Thursday, October 3rd.
Just a reminder only in-progress photos should be posted to the Flickr group before Runway Day. Save the big reveal for next Thursday. Please tag your photos with PPR11 and ProjectProjectRunway.
If you haven’t seen this week’s episode yet, warning there are spoilers ahead…
So, the whole be inspired by an innovator thing was a little lame. At least, they gave the innovators more time to tell about themselves and what they do than they did the superfans.

I always find these design your own textile challenges are tough, because the fabrics just don’t look that high end. Really it sort of looks like they are designing with quilting fabric. I mean sure, they told Justin his print would have looked pretty on a gauzy fabric, but I don’t think that was a choice he had.

As for the finished designs, I’m surprised Alexandria was safe. I thought her design looked unfinished and unattractive. Dom’s was definitely the best use of the pattern and I can see why she won. Bradon’s dress was interesting, but the jacket didn’t thrill me in the print. The double elimination wasn’t much of a surprise since Heidi kept hinting at it. What was surprising was judge’s pet Kate getting eliminated. Sure her dress was ridiculously bad, (What woman would want those things sticking out of her skirt?) but they’ve loved everything else she’s done this season. I personally didn’t think Alexander’s look was THAT bad. It had an interesting shape and I thought the white against the brown was quite graphic.

Finally, is anyone else sick of Helen’s lack of confidence? I know she is young, but honey you’ll never get anywhere in fashion if a simple print, one you designed, paralyzes you.

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One Comment to Project Project Runway Challenge #11 – Next Generation
    • Mandy Carroll
    • I have noticed and I am sure many others have noticed, that the judging on Project Runway ever makes sense.
      Kate was indeed a favorite of the judges, but one always has to remember the mood of the judges and how very temperamental they are and for that matter careless.
      They care little for others feelings. I really saw that in two episodes. First the ultimate fan challenge and then the last challenge of making your own textile. In the fan challenge they had no problem with insulting the model/fan as they have done in other seasons.
      And then the looks Heidi was giving Justin and Kate for their looks. As if how dare they present those looks. They like to make fun of and pounce on those who are shaky. They did it to Helen until she started presenting what they wanted to see.
      Project Runway has always kept the antagonist up until the last possible moment. Example is Wendy Pepper. The woman was not well in the head and even when she came back for All Stars she was still not well in the head. Time had mellowed her and I am sure a few life events. Other examples are Kouto(I think I spelled that right) and Leann both nasty women. Sorry folks. It appears the most disturbed are the most favorites on the show and many win. And then they have to throw in the incredibly talented and let them win a season or two. But they always love the antagonist.
      Many were surprised to see Ken stay as long as he did. I was not surprised. When he became a liability they removed him. I guess the rant went on for hours and he buried himself. I knew Alexander was next because of him knocking the iron off the ironing board. Which I felt he had due cause to do. Enough is enough. But one could easily see in Alexander’s eyes that he had given up. He took as much as he could take and it was time to move on. He knew he had to leave and in an essence he set himself up. he went fully Alexander and the judges did not like it. I personally like his dress and it was fitted nicely on his model. But he was done.
      Helen is way too insecure. She does not struggle with what she wants to make. She struggles every week in trying to please the judges. So she falls apart because she does not trust herself or what she can make as valuable and precious garments. She is in continual pleasing mode and defensive. She wants to be the tough guy and not care what others think. Yet she is wrapped around pleasing and she finds herself okay as long as her garment is accepted by the judges. She struggled with crying for Kate because she felt Kate went against the judges and made what she wanted. So she was displeased with her.
      I guess my Psychology and Sociology degree is kicking in.
      I enjoy seeing what they make in each season. because they are treasures. Even Saundro. He had such an eye and I miss him. But I tend to turn the sound off and just watch the sped up creative process.
      I am in all the seasons the biggest fan of Justin. I think he has quite an eye and I do not think he is recognized for his talent. I think he would be best in the final three. Not because he is deaf. But because he has had to learn from a different perspective which opens many more windows. Windows we keep closed. he assembles garments and makes patterns and colors that are fantastic. he knows the body. I hope he continues. I think Dom, Bradon and Justin would be great. But that is just my thoughts.

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