Project Project Runway Challenge #10 – Project Runway Super Fan!

Welcome to season 12 of Project Runway and a new season of Project Project Runway! If you want to join in the fun this season get all the details here. Let’s jump right in…

Warning! If you haven’t watched the episode yet, there are spoilers ahead. (All photos in this post are from
Challenge – Project Runway Super Fan!
This was such a fun, but nerve wracking, episode of Project Runway. The designers were each paired with a PR Super Fan and told to give her a makeover. Our own Susi was one of those super fans. Unfortunately, her dress came in on the bottom this week.
Let’s fix that! Your challenge this week is to create a look for Susi. She wanted something she could wear out on the town with her husband in San Francisco other than jeans and t-shirts. Susi is a a stay-at-home mom with a super bubbly personality. Make that shine through in her look.
Added: Susi here. when Ken and I first met, I really said “anything goes!” So I just wanted to say that to this group of designers too! Show me your style! You can make a gown, a dress, pants, what ever you would like! Dazzle me! Just please, don’t accentuate my stomach area.
Budget – $20 – $40

Time Limit – 24 hours

Accessories – Choose your other accessories from the Belk accessory wall.

Runway Day – Runway day is Thursday, September 26th.
Just a reminder only in-progress photos should be posted to the Flickr group before Runway Day. Save the big reveal for next Thursday. Please tag your photos with PPR10 and ProjectProjectRunway.
Usually, I talk about the episode at this point, but really all I saw this week was Susi. What I did notice was really not great. Is it that hard to design for someone who isn’t model sized? Oh, don’t get me started. AND they had longer on this challenge than almost any this season! I expected something more. Anyway, stay tuned, Susi will be sharing all the behind the scenes dirt with us soon.
Oh, I just have to add. So, glad Ken is gone. He should have been kicked off after his last tirade. He is such a sore loser too. On Twitter last night he was claiming he wanted to quit three times this season and kept getting talked into staying. Then he said he purposely threw last night’s challenge, so he could leave. If that is the truth, it is so unfair to Susi!

If you haven’t seen the episode yet you can watch it here.

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4 Comments to Project Project Runway Challenge #10 – Project Runway Super Fan!
    • Ros
    • I thought Susi was AMAZING! Everyone clearly loved her and she came across so well on TV. She walked that runway like she owned it – even Heidi complimented her!

      I actually thought this episode was a little better than many of the ‘real women’ challenges in previous series. There wasn’t too much bitching about them not being model-shaped and everyone seemed to be nice to the superfans and enjoy having them around. I loved Helen’s look and also Kate’s. I didn’t love Justin’s dress but I appreciated all the thought and effort he put into it and clearly his model loved it. I thought Dom was lucky to be in the middle – that print was not good and the jacket looked very unflattering. I thought Alexander should have gone home on the basis of this week’s looks, although I’m not sorry to see Ken go. I thought that if Ken had constructed his dress better and fitted it properly, it wouldn’t have been a bad look. I did like the colour and thought it suited Susi well, although maybe the fabric was a bad choice with the leather. They didn’t work nicely together.

      Anyway, we’re all going to design something FABULOUS for Susi to make up for her dress losing on the show. Can’t wait!

    • Manisha
    • Susi – you are gorgeous! I didn’t realize that this was all happening. How exciting! Regardless of the outcome I bet this was a great experience.

    • DrRuss
    • The one designer that I did not want Susi to get was the designer she got. You were truly beautiful on the runway and I am so glad that you got to spend some time in my beautiful hometown.

    • Amelia
    • I agree with all the positive comments above— you were great Susi! Your inner and outer beauty even made Ken tolerable to watch for the episode– what a feat! I’m so happy you got to go and are sharing your experience.

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