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My husband, Matt, and I are selling our house and moving into a loft in downtown Minneapolis. Like most loft there are interior rooms which don’t have windows. Matt will be using one such room as his office.

Because it doesn’t have any natural light, the lighting we put in will be really important. We are thinking some sort of wall light installation would make for a faux window. This wouldn’t be task lighting, but most likely something more ambient. Here’s some ideas I found around the web. (Click on any of the pictures to be taken to the source.)
vb-4 11-21-blueprint
These two are based on the same theory, stretched canvas with cuts allowing light through. Pretty but I’m not sure enough of the light we are looking for.

These wall lights are $1230. I’m imagining DIYing them with embroidery hoops and velum. I kind of love these.

This one is very basic, just a stretched sheet with color changing LEDs behind it. The cross bars showing through give it a bit of a window look.

This version uses a deep Ikea frame and LED strips. You can then add any artwork to the frame to have the light shine through.

Module R sells lit colored modules that hook together so you can create your own design on the wall. These are not cheap at $125 a module, but the colors are so vibrant and you can really play with the shape.

Anyone else seen any brillant ideas for this type of thing?

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