Project: Simple Spring Wreath

We may still have some snow on the ground here in Minnesota, but I am thinking and decorating for spring. It was time to take the winter wreath down from the door and replace it with something a little more colorful. I didn’t want something that was just for Easter with eggs and such. I wanted something that looked a little more natural.
Simple Spring Wreath
I like using a grapevine wreath because I am able to insert the floral stems in secure enough that I don’t need to wine or glue them in place. This means I can easily use this same wreath form for other seasons by changing out the flowers and ribbon. Since I live in a condo my wreath is on a door that is indoors so it doesn’t get effected by weather or wind, if you were making something similar for say a covered porch, I would wire or glue things in to keep them secure.

Simple Spring Wreath

This is almost so simple it isn’t worth a tutorial, but I thought I’d go through the supplies and steps anyway.


  • grapevine wreath
  • three or four floral stems with multiple stalks on them, I had two stems of the pink berry/flower things and two of the white pussy willow type which I cut into smaller pieces.
  • scissors or wire cutter
  • ribbon, I used a yard

Simple Spring Wreath
1. Cut apart the floral stems to get separate flowers or sprigs. I just used utility scissors for this, but wire cutters would be good too.
Simple Spring Wreath
2. Insert the stem securely around the wreath by tucking them in between the vines. I like to chose a center point for the top and work in both directions.
Simple Spring Wreath
My sprigs were long and floppy, so I also used the vines to hold them in shape with the wreath where I wanted.
Simple Spring Wreath
3. Once you have all the flowers and greenery in place, tie a ribbon to the top of the wreath. I tied it around a big vine.
Simple Spring Wreath
I then wrapped the ribbon a few times around our wreath hook to hold it in place and tied a bow.
As I said, dead simple and ready to hang in almost no time.

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