Iron Craft ’13 #3 – Crocheted Flower Pillow

I have to admit, when I announced this Iron Craft challenge I knew exactly what I was going to make. I’ve been batting around the idea of a throw pillow covered with the 3-D flower granny squares for awhile, but never really had a chance to actually try making one. This challenge gave me that push.
Iron Craft '13 #3 - Crocheted Flower Pillow
As a relatively new crocheter, this project was a learning process for me, from joining the squares to figuring out how to sew the front to a fabric back. I have to say, I’m pretty happy with the final result.

Crocheted Flower Pillow

The square used to make the front of this pillow has a lot of openings you can see through, so I backed it with a matching fabric before sewing the pillow together. I chose a fabric that was an exact match to the yarn, but you could have another color or even a small pattern peeking through.


  • worsted weight yarn, approx. 300 yards or 270 meters (I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease)
  • 1/2 yard matching fabric
  • matching tread
  • 12″ pillow insert


  • size G crochet hook
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors
  • pins
  • hand sewing needle

1. Crochet 16 of Rose Hip’s Flower Squares. The pattern has you changing colors, but I did them in one color. So instead of cutting and rejoining the yarn, you can just continue on to the next row by doing a chain stitch and then joining in the back where the next row should start.
Iron Craft '13 #3 - Crocheted Flower Pillow
Once you get a hang of crocheting into the back of a square, these are pretty easy to make and the pattern is easy to memorize after one or two. Each square should be 3″ x 3″. Weave in the ends.

2. Join the squares into four rows of four. I used an invisible method of joining that is very similar to doing the mattress stitch in knitting. Place two squares back to back. Starting in one corner, use the tapestry needle to pull a length of yarn through the bottom edge stitch.
Iron Craft '13 #3 - Crocheted Flower Pillow
Then, take the needle through the matching stitch on the second square.
Iron Craft '13 #3 - Crocheted Flower Pillow Iron Craft '13 #3 - Crocheted Flower Pillow
Continue in this manner pulling the stitches tight as you go.

3. Using the same joining method, join the four strips together to form a square.
Iron Craft '13 #3 - Crocheted Flower Pillow
Double crochet into each stitch around the edge, picking up one stitch at each joining point. This will be your seam allowance when you sew the pillow together.
Iron Craft '13 #3 - Crocheted Flower Pillow
Block the square. It should be about 12.5″ x 12.5″.

4. Cut two squares of fabric the same size as the blocked crocheted square. I rounded the corners to match as well.
Iron Craft '13 #3 - Crocheted Flower Pillow
Pin one piece of fabric to the back of the crocheted square with the right side of the fabric facing the wrong side of the crocheted piece. Sew in place just below the last row of double crochets. This is the lining behind the crocheted piece.
Iron Craft '13 #3 - Crocheted Flower Pillow

5. Pin the remaining piece of fabric on top of the crocheted piece with their right sides facing.
Iron Craft '13 #3 - Crocheted Flower Pillow
Sew together following the sewing line from step 4. Leave an opening on one side big enough to put the pillow insert through.

6. Turn the pillow right side out through the opening. Put in the insert and work it into all the corners. Hand stitched the opening shut.
Iron Craft '13 #3 - Crocheted Flower Pillow
I steamed the flowers when I was down to make them lie a little flatter.
Iron Craft '13 #3 - Crocheted Flower Pillow
Doesn’t it look great with my recycled sweater pillow? I’m certainly getting a nice collection of homemade throw pillows.

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13 Comments to Iron Craft ’13 #3 – Crocheted Flower Pillow
    • Elle
    • Simply stunning, Kathy! And this didn’t get past me: “I’ve been BATTING around the idea of a THROW pillow…” An unintentional nod to Spring Training, maybe? 🙂

    • Namegale
    • Very lovely pillow! As a new crocheter don’t be afraid of trying new patterns! You can always learn something new! Thanks for sharing this pattern:)

    • Kay M.
    • I have loved that recycled sweater pillow since the day you posted it. The new flower pillow looks fantastic next to it. I’ve been looking for a pattern to use up my leftover scrap yarns on. Your pillow inspired me. I’m going to use the same pattern, but change colors as the original post instructs, only I’m using my own colors (scrap yarn). You rocked this, as usual!

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