Iron Craft 2013

We are just about to end the second year of Iron Craft challenges. When we first started Iron Craft, it was a way for Susi and I to give each other a craft challenge every week. We decided to invite other crafters to join in and were soon seeing 30 – 40 projects for each challenge. This year we moved to a bi-weekly challenge and saw the number of Iron Crafters reduced to a smaller, but very loyal, bunch. Now, it is time to think about where Iron Craft is going for 2013 or if there is even going to be a third round of Iron Craft.
Personally, Iron Craft has really pushed me in regards to crafting. I find it really stretches me to be creative, learn new skills and finish things like I’ve never done before. Sometimes I find it tricky to come up with a project that fits the theme, but that is what makes it a challenge.

Now it is time to tell us what you think. We are interested in hearing from those of you who have participated in Iron Craft, are currently participating or even those of you just thinking about it.

Are you interested in participating in Iron Craft in 2013? free polls 
Would you prefer weekly or bi-weekly challenges free polls 

We were thinking next year it might be fun to have some of the other Iron Crafters host some of the challenges. Hosts woud chose the challenge, then present it on their own blog (or ours if they don’t have one). We would still do the round up.

Would you be interested in hosting a challenge? free polls 

We’ll run these polls for a week. Thanks for all your help!


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10 Comments to Iron Craft 2013
    • Jenny
    • I didn’t actually vote because I’m not sure yet. I love participating but know with my little girl coming in January, I probably won’t participate at all the first few months of the year. If you decide to keep it going, I would be happy to jump back in for the last part of the year!

    • Merrin
    • I just discovered your site and I need some creative kick in the pants. I voted no to hosting but maybe yes later in the year- one i got into the swing of it

    • Manisha
    • Although I didn’t participate in many challenges this year, I enjoyed seeing what everyone else created. It’s funny that with some of the challenges I did actually do but didn’t get time to blog or post on flickr. So that’s to point out that even if I didn’t fully participate, I still got inspiration from the challenges! Maybe next year I’ll find more time for Iron Craft!

    • Katherine
    • I actually only ended up participating in a few challenges, and didn’t even get most of those linked up. But I love seeing what everyone comes up with, and when I have a project that fits the category, I’m that much more motivated to finish it within the two weeks. So I’m definitely more of a casual iron crafter, but I do enjoy it. That being said, baby #3 comes in May, so after that I don’t expect to have much time for crafting for awhile. But I’ll still watch you all!

    • Ros
    • I have been very late to the party, but I have enjoyed the challenges I’ve taken part in. I’ve got something awesome in mind for the current challenge – if I can pull it off!

      So yes, I’d love to continue, though if there is another PPR, I would probably do that over Iron Craft and I don’t think I’d usually have time for both.

    • Lauren
    • I know I was involved in the first year and was really invovled. Unfortunately this past year I have not been- I think I may have gotten 2-5 projects in. I focused a lot on charity sewing to get rid of my huge fabric stash b/c I was moving to DC last month. I have voted and I hope to get more involved in 2013 since I have done well. I have also voted to host a week if needed. Maybe that will get my butt in line!

    • Seanna Lea
    • I am with Manisha. I didn’t participate very often, but I enjoyed the ones I did. Unfortunately I am so good at procrastinating that it doesn’t really matter if it is weekly or biweekly. I almost always end up doing it at the last minute!

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