Shark Hoodie Towel

I have made the hoodie towels before, but I wanted to share this one with you as well.

We have a little friend who likes princesses, well enough, but she really likes construction sites, sharks and blue too. Her birthday is coming up, so I give you…

The Shark Hoodie Towel

Shark in the water

  • 1 bath towel steel gray
  • 1 hand towel steel gray
  • small amount of pellon VERY thin one-side fusible interfacing
  • small amount of white terry cloth.
  • thread (white and shark gray)


  • craft scissors
  • fabric scissors

The full tutorial for the towel is here. So for this installment, I will show you how to adapt the hoodie into a shark shape.
The hood top is made in the same way except, this time, you are going to cut a shark fin in the top of it. I had plenty of room to do this just in the hand towel and I did it all in one piece with the hope that the fin will have some chance of standing on it’s own.
This picture shows how much room I had to work with on the towel.
Hood layout
Here, I laid out a paper fin pattern on the top of the hood.
Hood pinned
(Note, the hood on this towel is rounded rather than being squared off. )
hood cut
Next, cut the stabilizer for the fin slightly smaller than the terry cloth to allow for the seams.  Iron that onto one side. (careful to iron it on to the INSIDE)
Hood with fin
(I sewed this on the serger. I’m sure there are people that are better at using their serger than I am at using mine. But you would be hard pressed to find someone having more FUN! That thing is a good time. Sometimes it feels a little bit out of control – with the cutting blade chomping, CHOMPING, but it is SO fast, and SO satisfying.)

For the teeth, I had strip of white terry. I cut one triangle out of a scrap of card board, and laid it down, and traced it, several times. (careful to make the teeth bigger than you think you should. They will shrink down when you turn them inside out)

Finish both of  the bottom edges. Fold the terry in half.  Sew the teeth along the lines.
Teeth sketched
(if you don’t have a serger – just zig zag the edges.) (in the photo above the blue is the edge, then I folded it closer to the points of the teeth. I sewed the teeth, and clipped the extra fabric. Then turned it inside out and the bottom was the still the blue edge ) Clip the tips of the teeth so that you can get a nice point on the ends. Then turn them inside out, and sew them to the front underside edge of the hood.

Here is our friend, super excited in her shark towel.
She was loving it.
(I tried to get a picture of a different model in the towel, but for heaven sakes she was temperamental. She was frightened of the teeth! There were tears involved. So I was greatful and relieved to have the picture of the recipient enjoying her gift.)
Happy Birthday Claudia.

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