PPR Challenge #11 – Kat’s Design

Oh, this was a tough PPR week for me. On the show they designed for a toddler which I knew I wasn’t doing since that meant buying a baby doll. Plus, I think designing baby clothes is so different than designing adult fashion that it seems out of place as a challenge. So, we decided to give the PPR designer a choice to do high-end maternity fashion instead. I struggled with an idea for this. I wanted my look to be something a movie star might wear down the red carpet while pregnant. Still what that look should be didn’t come easily to me. Then I started thinking, what would Heidi have worn when she was pregnant with one of her five?
Project Project Runway Challenge #11 - It's Fashion Baby
In the end, I went for a silver and black top over a long black skirt. All the pieces are made of stretch fabric, so they fit an expanding stomach well. I figured the person wearing this wouldn’t want to hide her baby bump, so I let the silver material highlight it instead. I think it would be easy to wear, which to me is what a mama-to-be often wants.
Project Project Runway Challenge #11 - It's Fashion Baby
I paired my look with silver flats for comfort and bright accessories for a pop of color.

I think I might be in trouble with the judges this week. I think the look is pretty, but there really isn’t a whole lot of design to it. My hope is the judges will remember enough of my past looks to keep me in another week.

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