PPR Challenge #8 – House of Cornish

This week we were supposed sell handmade t-shirts on the street for money and then make a fall collection with our dysfunctional team.

Day after day I toiled away with various fall separates. To no avail. Yoga pants. A (silk) homeless waitress outfit. Even a knit item. No. It was all scrapped. I cried in the bathroom. A fellow contestant offered me chocolate, and reminded me it was “make it work time”. (all virtually)

And so, I present you with my Fall Look:
The vest is my attempt at outerwear. It is buttery leather with a flower cut out. (Britex Fabrics has an AMAZING collection of suede, hides, and even faux suede. The piece shown here is not available on-line, but it was available in the shop.)
And the dress:
It’s a crisp black number. It’s an Italian cotton Lycra blend.
And surprise, it is almost backless.
This looks like the perfect little work dress to me. No? Lots of women could wear this! For sure.
I mean, for real, who are we kidding. You can’t wear it to work, and you can’t wear it to a funeral. You could possibly wear it out, with ripped washboard abs and no bra. So the lady who is wearing this, is not out for drinks with friends, she is at the gym, working out, so she can FIT into this dress that she just saw at fall fashion week!!!!! She saw it in MY tent at MY show. Because, we all know, I am GOING to make it to fashion week. The tears and hysterics this week just keep me afloat for another week.

See you on the runway!

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3 Comments to PPR Challenge #8 – House of Cornish
    • Kat
    • I look at it differently, she could where it at work all day with the vest & then take the vest off to go out at night. Maybe she has those stick on things to give here a little boost in the front 😉

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