PPR Challenge #7 – Kat’s Design

This week we were asked to design a cocktail dress or evening gown to fit in with the new Project Runway collection at Lord + Taylor.

The dress had to be appropriate for the sophisticated Lord + Taylor customer, but also relatively easy to manufacture.

I started by picking out my fabric before designing my dress. I wanted something other than black, but nothing really spoke to me. I thought this textured, stretch black with shots of silver at least had a little something special to it. The fabric seemed to call out for a gown.
Project Project Runway Challenge #7 - Oh My Lord + Taylor
I tried to keep simplicity of design in mind for my dress. (Let’s face it Dimitri had a beautiful dress this week, but the amount of work it would take to manufacture it probably kept it out of the top.) So, I stuck to a rather simple shape, but added some ruching to the waist.
Project Project Runway Challenge #7 - Oh My Lord + Taylor
The ruching gives some definition at the waist and can also hide a little tummy that might keep someone from wearing this type of dress. I paired the dress with basic black peep-toes because no one is really going to see them. The evening bag calls back to the silver in the dress. I felt the amount of open neckline called for a statement necklace.

Since the judges were going ga-ga for a simple black dress with an asymmetrical hem on the show, I hope my ruching will throw them for a loop. Really, I thought the judging was quite uneven this week and the designs not that great. Maybe I’m just tired of the make a pretty dress challenges. Hopefully, we’ll get something a little more interesting soon.

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2 Comments to PPR Challenge #7 – Kat’s Design
    • Elle
    • I like it–the ruching is eye catching and makes the dress more special. (That’s the first time I’ve ever typed out “ruching!”) (Probably even *said* ruching, haha!) But it looks very pretty, and I like the silver thread running through, as well.

      Looking forward to tonight’s challenge!

    • Susi
    • Love the dress. It is cracking me up that JoAnna Cole would come into the work room and ask the all-star designers “how could a woman wear a bra with that”
      But both you and I, more than once, have offered dresses for “real” women, and have looked a ‘tummy flattery’ as an issue.
      I think we are more on the mark. You could ALWAYS find some crazy feat of engineering called a “bra” that would work with a dress. But no crazy engineering is going to hide a muffin top. The dress just needs to be well cut. And you have done just that. Bravo!

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