PPR Challenge #7 – House of Cornish

This week we were supposed to make a cocktail dress for Lord and Taylor. (One week we made a pretty dress for Lexus, and one week we made one for Micheal Kors. There haven’t been many “challenges” this season. We veterans of the show, and Veterans of PPR are all snickering at how ‘easy’ we have had it. I am bracing for a ridiculous challenge.)
Let me just say, I didn’t mean to pull so much literal interpretation from the show itself, but it did work out that way. A. it’s a gown. and B. it features an interesting front stand-up panel. Both of those were done and talked about a lot this week. But that is how the project spoke to me.
This fabric is truly extraordinary.
It is thicker, part wool and part ‘novelty’

In a ‘real woman scale’ the weight of it would lend itself beautifully to a Channel inspired coat.
The dress is cut on the bias, so it hangs beautifully. And while the dress is fitted, the weight of this fabric gives it some structure of it’s own. It would be easy to wear for most women. It is not clingy and would not “Sausage” anyone in.
The back is finished in a simple V.
Today’s model was originally in a bathing suit. And amazingly enough, she is flat footed (unheard of in Barbie land) So she was not able to stand on her own easily, but she also did not fit into my usual home-made, jerry-rigged stands. I used the lid of one of Jambi’s pans, and some glow in the dark pink silly putty. This combination was not super successful for the photo shoot or the dress. !

I am happy with the look. I think it is well suited for the challenge. And I believe that the dress is appropriately “Lord and Taylor”.
I can’t wait to see you all on the runway.


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      • Susi
      • Ros, HA! How quickly I forget! My burns have healed, and the floor is cleaned up, so it must be time for more ‘hard core’ challenges. : )

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