Project Project Runway Challenge #6 – Fix My Friend

Challenge – Fix My Friend

Create a look for one of your friends (it can be someone who you think needs a little fashion help or just someone you’d like to design for). We’d love to see a photo of the friend you are designing for.

Here’s our little rant for the week. They do a “real” woman challenge every season, you’d think the current designers would have watched the show before, yet every year there is one jerk who can’t believe he has to design for a plus-sized woman (By the way Ven size 14 is not plus-sized. The average woman wears a size 12 -14). The twittersphere was full of comments last night about how awful Ven was being to his model(he claims he was edited that way, but they didn’t edit in her friends tears, did they?). I know Susi and I were both disgusted by him.

Also, are the only colors available at Mood black, white and blue?

Time Limit – You have 1 day to complete your look.

Accessories – Feel free to chose accessories from the Lord and Taylor Accessory Wall to go with your outfit.

Runway Day – Thursday, August 30th
Just a reminder only in-progress photos should be posted to the Flickr group before Runway Day. Save the big reveal for next Thursday. Please tag your photos with PPR6 and ProjectProjectRunway.

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8 Comments to Project Project Runway Challenge #6 – Fix My Friend
    • Ros
    • He was horrid to her, but I was really touched when her friend defended her on the runway and I was glad that the judges weren’t having any of his whining. If you can only design for stick-thin models, then you’re not much of a designer. That poor woman.

    • Susi
    • Dear Ven.
      Do you have mirror? How is that untucked polo workin’ for you?
      If you feel like size 14 is “plus size” then you need to go do some field research in your chosen industry. While you are studying, can you look up “angel sleeves”? Cause they are right next to “vomit” in the fashion dictionary.
      And on this mission, the real question that I want you to reflect on is: “where is the money?” If you follow the market, and you want your clothing picked up by successful houses, and translated into ready to wear looks, then you will need to “follow the money”. And let me tell you what size the “money” is. Abercrombie & fitch have the 00 demographic all wrapped up. And their Mommies are buying the clothes for them. Those Mommies are looking for flattering outfits. And not many of them are size 2, 6 feet tall.
      Just something to think about.
      Speaking of Mommies, have you called yours? She is horrified by your rudeness and the disrespectful display. I bet she has somethings to remind you. No, I am guessing you haven’t called your Mom lately.
      Sad, all the way around.

    • Katherine
    • Back at the beginning of the season, I thought Ven would be one to beat, with his pretty rose top. But then he did the same thing a couple times in a row. And I’m sorry, but if you can’t design something for a size 14 woman that looks presentable, then you’re not as talented as I thought.

      Also, the first couple episodes had me really not liking Gunner and his prima donna attitude at all, but this one he totally redeemed himself, and was a sweetheart.

      • Susi
      • And, in fact, Ven’s model would have looked really nice in the rose top and the Palazzo pants he showed before. She actually had a curvy shape, and Ven just accentuated her tummy.

    • Jusa
    • Must admit I don’t watch the show myself. I happened to read about it on the npr site, then your post caught my eye. Same reactions here as the npr blogger. This photo gives a good full-length shot of Ven. As has been duly noted by everyone, he’s pretty chunky, and his own outfit does not inspire me. He certainly came up with an unflattering design for her. Hope some good comes out of this situation for all of us plus or nearly plus-sized women. I’m afraid that I don’t follow any of the runway shows or challenges. In light of this situation, how come all the dolls are skinny? I can’t say I’ve ever felt any connection to models, or what they wear. I can relate to this real world woman though.

      • Kat
      • Hasn’t that been a question people have asked for as long as Barbie ha been around? Why are her proportions so unrealistic? Even the newer dolls a lot of us are using like the Liv dolls have almost no hips. I guess like real life models they are easier to design for.

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