PPR Challenge #4 – House Of Cornish

This week’s task was to design for the “girl on the go”. We didn’t have too many crazy parameters. “She needs to look good all day” and “she must not wrinkle”.
(So I am not sure how Miss Shorts-and-a-shirt made it into the “safe” group! Nutty. Nina wanted “glamor”, but glamor was not part of the initial brief. Maybe they edited the remarks carefully.

I went singing off to Britex Fabrics.
And went to look for jersey. What a delicious assignment!
Many of these bolts are silk jersey. It is just beautiful. There is one in there that I have my eye on for a dress for me. (Hmmm. Next season, am I going to join the cast, and just sew for me? I think that would be SO fun! But I do not have the need for 8 red carpet gowns. For sure. The bolt I have my eye on is the Latte brown in the middle of the picture with aqua accents. It has cream squares, then circles, then rectangles on it. The pattern is casual, but sophisticated.  Man, can someone please teach me how to use my serger already? Or, can I sign up for 10 extra hours in an day?)

This whole wall is jersey solid. The diversity is hard to capture. There were some thick, some thin, some with texture, some sheer, and some already “distressed” (not a good look, in my humble opinion. But, if you’re looking, they’ve got it!)
I picked a warm chocolate brown, because I thought it would work well in magazines. Nina said my dress was editorial.  And because black is so expected.

The dress is short, for day. And you could wear it out at night as well.
The off center cut out is “the surprise”. The dress is “sexy without being vulgar” (that’s what Michael said)


The skirt has a great side tuck, for ease and a little bit of volume.

I had so much fun this week.
The fabric was so easy to work with. I feel like I would actually wear this dress.
I can’t wait to see what everyone made! See you on the runway!

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    • Manisha
    • I love the brown. I tend to wear a lot of brown so this dress really appeals to me! And the off center cut fits my desire to blend sexiness with motherhood. I need a dress for a September wedding. When will this go into production? 😉

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