PPR Challenge #2 – Kat’s Design

This week it’s the unconventional materials challenge and the designers were sent to the candy store to find their supplies. Typically, I find the unconventional challenge a little easier for us because the size of our models allows us to easily make clothing out of smaller items. This season that wasn’t the case, most candy tends to be too large in scale for our use.
PPR Challenge #2 - Supplies
I bought peppermint candies (thinking I might crush them), licorice laces, sugar pearls and silver sugar gems. My initial thought was the licorice would be the collar and sleeves on an Asian inspired dress with the other candies forming a pattern for the “fabric.” Here’s how that turned out.
PPR Challenge #2 - Candy Couture
Not exactly my original plan, but I love it. I ended up only using the sugar pearls and silver sugar gems. I tried putting the red collar and cuffs on, but it took away from the look rather than adding to it. I decided it would be smart to edit myself. I did make one accessory, a pair of “pearl” earrings.
PPR Challenge #2 - Candy Couture
I think the final look is sleek and sexy. The silver sugar gems make it look as if this dress is completely beaded. The “pearl” flowers are subtle, but add that little something extra. Once again, I think I’ve made a dress Heidi would want to wear, short, shiny and tight. The judges might be a little disappointed that I didn’t use more color, but I think they would be impressed by the fact it looks like fashion, not a craft project, and that was the point, to create Candy Couture.  Plus none of my candy fell off on the runway! I’d say I’m near the top this week.

So, a little note on the pains of constructing this dress. On the show they mainly used hot glue. Well, that really wasn’t going to work here with such tiny candies. I ended up using a very strong, quick drying fabric glue. In order to get the shape I wanted the candy had to be glued on the muslin base while Jade was wearing it. Poor Jade, the dress stuck to her in quite a few places and actually ate into her skin. Luckily, Jade is a trooper and will live to model another day.

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5 Comments to PPR Challenge #2 – Kat’s Design
    • Elle
    • Oooooh! You’re right, it is very fashion forward! I think Tim would’ve approved and the judges would have given high scores all around. Nice work!

    • Ros
    • I had exactly the same problems with the glue. In the end I used double sided tape, but it isn’t brilliant. Yours is much neater and nicer in every way!

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