PPR Challenge #2 – House Of Cornish

This was the unconventional material challenge, and we were off to the candy store.
For the love of all candy everywhere, this one bucked me. It is hard to type with the hot glue burns on my fingers.
I will not take you through the candy that disintegrated when touched with tweezers. (Oh yes, I started with a GRAND PLAN, and tweezers)
I will not go on and on about sugar that dissolved in the glue, forming amazing puddles of color on the muslin.
If this were a real show, they would include me talking on camera about the real family emergencies that I had faced, and real tears would have flowed. But, that is enough of the ‘back story’. Let’s go! Tim is calling us to the runway!

The third outfit (seen here) is made out of “Licorice All Sorts”. It’s an English candy, so this must be said with an accent. I cannot stand them, but they are a favorite in our house. And, during this, we learned that a little person has a passion for them! She is 3 and she was sneaking her hand in there, and eating the supplies!
Today, I will stand behind my look. I did transform the candy into a pattern.

There is no real “movement” to the dress.
But there were some pretty stiff pieces on the runway last week. That is the nature of the beast.
And, true to the spirit of the show, I did a facinator hat. We are lucky that made it into the shoot. Several hats were eaten. !

I saw some of my fellow contestants designs in the work room and I was BLOWN AWAY. Wow. I am hoping that I am ‘safe’ and sent back to the Designers Lounge!

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3 Comments to PPR Challenge #2 – House Of Cornish
    • Kat
    • I think you’d be totally in, it might be stiff but it has real design and you used the materials in a clever way.

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