Iron Craft Challenge #17 – Bearing Necklace

This challenge was inspired by all the neat metal and plastic that we find at the hardware store. I expanded just outside of the “Hardware Store” specifically, and went with it’s cousin, the Auto Parts Store. Most people visit Home Depot once a weekend, “we” visit Kragen/or Autozone one or more times per weekend. So this seeemed fitting.
I took a Torrington Bearing that I thought was really beautiful, and made a great necklace.
Torrington Bearing: In a camshaft drive, “Torrington bearing”refers to a roller thrust bearing used in place of a flat hardened steel or bronze thrust washer, or no thrust washer at all.
The Torrington radial roller thrust bearing has lots of little (about 1/16 inch diameter) needle rollers arranged radially (like wheel spokes) in a cage. It goes between the cam sprocket and the block to take the thrust loads (in/out along the cam axis). The inside diameter fits over the cam journal (about 2 inches). It can take lots of load with very little friction, and needs very little oil.
So, those little pieces you see actually move. You can roll them in your fingers.
This is not an elaborate design, I think the real interest in it is the bearing itself, which is a beautiful functional piece. And for me, it is a neat way to relate to my husband and some of the “challenges” that he is working on.

I used a tiny leather coated chord that I found one the heavenly 3rd floor of Britex Fabrics.
Here is a super tutorial about how to tie the double slip knot in the leather cord
This is may not actually be “jewelry”.

I think maybe this would classify as “an accessory”.

I love this piece of industrial metal. And I love the cord. And I am going to incorporate this immediately into my Mommy wardrobe.

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4 Comments to Iron Craft Challenge #17 – Bearing Necklace
    • Jusa
    • Agreed–a really interesting sculptural piece. You have a good eye. I think I’d be tempted to sit and fiddle with the rollers, like a worry stone. I wonder how this would look as a trivet on a table? Thanks for introducing me to a ging gang gooley that I’d never notice in the hardware store because I never go in that section.

    • Susi
    • HA HA! The joke is on me! I wore my awesome necklace yesterday. (And the kids love it. And yes, I played with the rollers, and so did the kids). I came home at the end of the afternoon, and what do you know…my shirt had a big black cloud on the front of it. !!! Back to the drawing board. I want to keep the ‘motion’. But it cannot be oiled, as if it were to go into a car. !!

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