PPR Challenge #1 – Kat’s Design

Well, here I am back for a fourth season of Project Project Runway. It’s so fun to be back in the workroom designing again. This first challenge felt a little like we were being eased into the new season. The designers on the show were asked to bring an outfit from their portfolio that they felt showed off their design esthetic, so that is where we are starting too. I chose a design from the first season of PPR.
Project Project Runway - Challenge 3
I feel like I tend to design clean lines often letting the fabric or a design in the fabric give the punch. This dress is a good example, the form is pretty basic, but the way I applied the sequins gives it its style.

Next, we were told to design a piece in one day to compliment the first one. Here is my complimentary  design.
PPR Challenge #1 - Times Square Anniversary Party
I stuck with the red and white color palette. The texture in the skirt fabric calls back to the circles of the sequins and the red “leather” gives a shine. The lines here are modern and clean with a dramatic collar on the vest showing off Jade’s collarbone. I had originally planned on not having anything under the vest, but it was a little too risque, so I had to add a quick white tube top. I think the rhinestone belt really ties the whole look together and gives the vest a more fitted shape. Oh, sewing that “leather,” what was I thinking?!
PPR Challenge #1 - Times Square Anniversary Party
I struggled a bit with accessories. Let’s just pretend these shoes are the right red, okay.
PPR Challenge #1 - Times Square Anniversary Party
And the two looks together?  They could be in a collection together , there is cohesion here. I think the judges would have loved the look I brought with me (come on can’t you see Heidi in that dress?!) and maybe not so blown away by the second piece, though Nina might find the neckline interesting for editorial purposes. All and all, I think I would have been securely in the middle this week.

As for the designers on the show itself, I have to admit I was impressed by Ven and Christopher during the casting special, so wasn’t surprised to see them the top two. I loved Christopher’s evening gown. I agreed both of the bottom two could have easily gone. I was more impressed by Dimitri on the casting special then the show itself, so we’ll see how that plays out. Finally, I think Buffi needs to go, her clothes remind my of every cheap mall store in the 80’s. Did you watch, who are your quick picks for the top 3?


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4 Comments to PPR Challenge #1 – Kat’s Design
    • Elle
    • I remember the first look–it’s still adorable! And yes, I’m with Nina–the neckline on the new look is fabulous. Nice work!

      I can’t remember all of their names yet, but yeah, the bottom two were no surprise–though I was hoping for the other girl to go home first. Seems like Ven almost has it in the bag, but you never know–he could self destruct like we’ve seen before, or maybe he’ll be a little one note with the flower designs, though they’re gorgeous!

      Either way, I can’t wait to enjoy the ride!

    • Ros
    • I like Buffi. I’ll be interested to see how she does with more difficult challenges. I love Kooan’s style, though the piece he made this week was dreadful. I thought it was quite a good first challenge because it gave the designers a chance to show what they *can* do before we get to see what they *can’t* do later on.

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