Granny Square Sampler – Week 3

So, for week 3 of Wise Craft’s Granny Square Sampler Afghan A-Long we got to try a different variation on the traditional square.
Granny Square Sampler Afghan- Week 3
This square has a much tighter fabric because you are making a stitch into each stich in the row before as well as into the corners. I like the look of them, but they were a little tricky to do. Blair had a great video of how to do them which made inserting the hook into the stitch so easy. I had such a hard time with it, I went back to watch the video a couple of times to make sure I was doing it right. I got better at it in the end, but it still wasn’t the smooth movement she showed. The three squares pretty much took me all day to finish. The squares looked really funky in shape when finished, thankfully a little finger blocking straightened them out a lot.

It was suggested we keep at least two of these squares to only one or two colors. They become sort of a place for the eye to rest in what will most likely be a very busy afghan. I didn’t like the look of this square with a different color every row, so I kept all three of mine to two colors. Of course, that meant breaking my white in the center and outside rule. I wanted more red in the mix I had so far so I used it as the middle of each of these squares.
Granny Square Sampler Afghan - Week 3
So, here’s what I have done after three weeks. Hard to believe I was the girl who couldn’t crochet?!

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    • Dawn
    • Great colors– it reminds me of Tommy Hilfiger with the reds and whites. That aqua color really speaks of summer.

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