Iron Craft Challenge #10 – Flying Pig Cross Stitch

As an homage to my recent surgery and the stitches it left me in, this weeks Iron Craft challenge was to stitch something up. With a cast up past my elbow, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do anything for this challenge, but I found I could do a little if I worked slowly and carefully. Cross stitching my iPhone case seemed like the perfect project.
Iron Craft Challenege #10 - Flying Pig Cross Stitch
I was a little hesitant about trying this after Susi’s issues cross stitching her case. So, I took some lessons from her, kept my pattern simple and used only 4 strands of floss for stitching. The directions said to not pull the stitches too tight as it would distort, so I paid attention to that too. Well, as you see the case is not finished and at this point I don’t plan on finishing it.
Iron Craft Challenege #10 - Flying Pig Cross Stitch
See in the picture above how the stitched pig distorts the case and makes it pop up. It does that even while on the phone. Plus the case is very loose on the phone now. I am a believer in not wasting anymore time on something that has no chance of working out. At least I tried and I have a flying pig chart to share with you.
Flying Pig Chart
When I wasn’t sure I’d be actually able to stitch for this challenge, I worked on another cross stitch chart as well (I thought maybe you all would give me a by if I did something stitching related.)
Advent Calendar Chart
This chart is going to be used on an advent calendar project. I can’t wait to show it to you when it’s all stitched up.

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2 Comments to Iron Craft Challenge #10 – Flying Pig Cross Stitch
    • Susi
    • You are giving up too!? MAN! We are Oh-for-two on the cross stitch cases. Dang it.
      Well, I’m glad I threw in the towel, because if yours does not fit, then there is NO WAY mine would have fit. Plus, the final rendition of the cover was SO well received that the first try is just “it’s the thought that counts”

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