Granny Square Sampler – Week 2

(To improve my crocheting skills, I am doing Wise Craft’s summer-long Granny Square Sampler Afghan A-long. Each Thursday I’ll be sharing my progress.)

This week we had to make 10 – 14 squares for our afghan, 10 to 14! They are only 3 rounds each, but it did take me a good five hours or so to get them done.
Granny Square Sampler Afghan - Week 2
As I mentioned last week, I had decided all my squares would have white in the middle and on the outside. Well, that wasn’t going to work for this assignment. These squares are 3 rounds. If I did white in the center and white on the edge I would only have a splash of color in the whole thing. I’d have some pretty boring squares.

Blair offered: “Design tip- IF (and only if) you have designated one of your yarn colors as a ground color (one you’ll be using more of), make sure at least 4 of these squares have this color as the 3rd round. For example, I’d like a lot of cream in my afghan, so I would make a some of these with cream as the 3rd round.”

I went a step further and made half the squares with white on the outside and half with white in the middle.
Granny Square Sampler Afghan - Week 2
Here are all the squares to date. I’m really happy with my color scheme, it’s bright and cheerful.

Let’s talk gauge. I totally understand gauge in knitting, what it effects it, how to measure it and how to correct it in knitting. In crochet, not so much. Blair said the only gauge concern we had to worry about for this project was to make sure it is consistent. Well, my first two of this week’s squares had me worried right away.
Granny Square Sampler Afghan - Week 2
Look at that difference in size! At first I was worried the problem was the yarns. Because I am using lots of stash yarns for this project they are all different brands. Even though they all claim to be worsted weight, some seem much thicker than others. Yikes, was I going to have to start over with all the same brand? I out those first two squares aside and tried again another day. This time every square came out exactly the same size as the bigger square no matter which yarns I used. The I realized I made the small one outside on a cold, rainy day. The dampness kept the yarn from sliding easily on my fingers and I really struggled. This must have made me knot it much tighter. Thank goodness that was it.

I think I have these basic squares down. I’m interested to see what tomorrow’s challenge holds for us.

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3 Comments to Granny Square Sampler – Week 2
    • Sea
    • It will work itself out when you join them all together. If all the yarn is the same thichness when you fasten them together they will work out, honest! I have done 3 bedspreads with Granny squares in the past, just used wool that was left over from other stuff, and some did look smaller, but when I crocheted them together they all fitted.

    • DrRuss
    • I am really partial to the orange, red and white combination that you are using. Continued luck with the project. Is crocheting helping in your recovery at all? Best wishes–(dr)Russ

    • Jenny
    • those are looking great! I’m slowly working through my small squares. I’m out of town again which is really slowing down my progress.

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